Sunday 16 October 2016

Beyonce Does It Like No Other @ TIDAL X:1015 Concert

Tidal may not be doing so well financially, but that isn't stopping it working it's roster of stars to brilliant effect. Yesterday marked another concert organised by the streaming site to promote itself, and top of the bill was its crown jewel, Beyonce.

And the Texan Diva was on FIRE!

She not only worked in an interesting visual production for 6 Inch, which I've never seen before. But she actually managed to get me emotionally invested in All Night, a song I've never really felt connected to before, with vocals alone. Also have to applaud her for singing songs that weren't traditional fan favourites. Brave move, Bey.

I'm almost starting to believe that this artsy Beyonce is the real one. That closing speech was perhaps the realest I've ever heard her.


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