Wednesday 19 October 2016

Little Mix Bring "Shout Out To My Ex!" To X-Factor

Little Mix are back with new single, Shout Out To My Ex!. Performing on the X-Factor for the first time, the Divas gave a tantalising taste of what could be awaiting this year's contestant(s) if they win.

Vocally it wasn't 100% polished and some of the harmonies were weak. But strutting, nerves and this being the first time they've performed Shout Out would do that to a girl. However, it came together and improved as it went on and the backing kicked in. Though it was nice to see them working a large production, I couldn't help but notice breath support was a consistent issue for all of them. Odd considering how much they've toured since winning.

Despite loving a lot of Little Mix's material, I think I've aged-out of this one. No bother, I've still got Move and Wings to bop to while I wait for Shout Out's follow up. 


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