Saturday 26 November 2016

Aretha Franklin takes US National Anthem To Church @ NFL Game

You ever wanted to hear Aretha Franklin take 5 minutes-ish to sing The Star Spangled Banner? Me neither! But here we find ourselves.

To those of you with patriotism running through your veins, maybe this rambling rendition will have you waving those flags fervently in reverie. Either that, or you'll find this to be so entirely self-indulgent that it's tantamount to treason and will now be boycotting Aretha and pianos hence forth. After all, it wasn't just Aretha up on that stage. Piani gotta take some of the heat too.

Honestly, I admire Ms. Franklin for doing whatever the F*Ck she wanted and doing it in purple eye shadow. And truthfully, the amount I did hear was pretty good, she took the Star Spangled Banner to church!

DIVA ORIG-IN-AL *said in my Whitney Voice*.


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