Thursday 10 November 2016

CBC News Shadily Uploads Mariah Carey's Mic Feed To YouTube

Mariah Carey, the Queen Of Christmas, must be starting to feel the rain of those pennies falling as the holiday season approaches. That's one thing to smile about for a Diva in the midst of an  uncoupling from her billionaire fiancĂ©. What she isn't going to be so happy about is the uploading by CBC News of what appears to be the microphone feed from a free concert she held in Toronto.

Why they did this to the Mimi, one can only speculate. Was she late and they wanted revenge? Was there an Arinator on the mixing desk? Or was it simply that the actual recording was damaged? All I know is that the uploading of the set, with this sound, for the Hudson's Bay Company and Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window unveiling, was messy in so many ways.

Shady, or nah?


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