Tuesday 29 November 2016

[Discuss] The Vocal Slide

We all know what a vocal slide is, right?

Also known as a glissando, it's the technique where a singer slides up (or down) the scale with a smooth and continuous sound. But I'm not an expert. Let's let a real singer- a "singer's singer," if you will- explain it to us laymen.

Got it now? Great!

Below are a few examples of it in practice. Included is the Queen of the technique: Patti LaBelle. This Diva has a penchant for using it to crescendo, with the slide often increasing in volume and intensity as it reaches the top. Take particular note of how she appears to effortlessly ascend the scale, despite having to shift through the breaks in her voice to climb higher.

It always brings to mind an image of a 747 takeoff...

And we can't talk about slides without touching on opera- they take the skill to a totally different level. But, quiet as it's kept, that ain't my area, so I'm going to move on swiftly before I embarrass myself.

How about y'all, though.

Any moments in music that were made all the better/impressive with a vocal slide? Or, does you own Queen make it her business to be a boss at the technique?

Leave your thoughts and videos on the subject in the comments.

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