Monday 17 April 2017

[NEW MUSIC] Minzy - Ninano

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I've been waiting for this day for over a year. Who is Minzy, you may ask?

She is the former Maknae (youngest) of world renowned K-pop girl group, 2NE1. In 2015, 2NE1 had a serious scandal revolving around drug allegations. As a result, a member was forced into hiding for over a year. Meanwhile, the leader of 2NE1, CL, was preparing for an American debut, pushing everyone else in the group onto the back burner. Minzy, who had tiny rumours circulating that she'd be making a solo debut soon, was at a stand still. She continued to wait for the day she could reach out, show artistry and get recognition.

However, that day never came. What made 2NE1 special amongst other K-pop girl groups was that they were atypical to the normal K-pop formula. Their beauty wasn't as mesmerizing as the others; their music was rawer, sometimes even dark; and the group often thought outside of the normal confines of the genre. (Cultural Appropriation anyone? Yes? No?)

Through all of that, Minzy was often regarded as the most talented member of 2NE1, with the best vocals, the most refined dancer and often described as having the most captivating parts in her former group's songs. Many of her fans took note of this but also of something else significant: Minzy was the only one in the group who never had serious solo activities. With the controversies at hand, turmoil was beginning to be suspected behind the scenes.

At the same time, a new girl group was being formed under the same label. Enter Blackpink. Many 2NE1 fans began to suspect that Blackpink was formed to replace 2NE1, as the girls were younger, fresher, better overall dancers, and donning a style very reminiscent of 2NE1. It was worrisome to many long time 2NE1 fans.

Things grew more worrisome when Minzy was delinquent on renewing her label contract. It had many fans scratching their heads, though it was not uncommon for a label mate to wait to the very end of the contract before renewing.

On April 5th, 2016, Minzy officially left YG entertainment to pursue a solo career, blind-siding many fans. It was met with mixed reaction across social media, some glad to see her break free from the chains of her label. Others were upset, saying she needlessly destroyed 2NE1's future. Some felt she was very talented and had what it took to make it the dense music market of Korea. Other felt like talent would only get you so far, and she'd forever be known as the former maknae of 2NE1.

Now it's do or die. Does Minzy have what it takes to stand as a solo artist in the ultra Competitive Korean market? Is 'Ninano' a good debut effort? You decide!

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