Monday 1 May 2017

DUA LIPA, Underdeveloped Soprano or Mezzo in need of nuturing?

Post by: Montrez Rambo

Dua Lipa! She's so gorgeous. What's even more gorgeous than she is? Her voice. She has a steely, mesmerizing sound that is husky and deep. Is she a mezzo-soprano or a textbook underdeveloped soprano? Let's watch the above cover of The Hills, filmed for Radio 1's Live Lounge and see if we can get to the bottom of this vocal conundrum.

Right off the rip. The girl was giving us lower register; tight and congested, but low nonetheless. Hovering around G#3, dipping to a solid Eb3. It wasn't the most relaxed but her larynx wasn't being floored either.

It gave way to mid belts around the G4-B4 mark. Assuming she is a mezzo, these mid belts would be more substantial, this being an area where a mezzo-soprano's voice shows size and color. She did ascend to the 5th octave towards the end, showing more of her timbre.

So what is Dua Lipa's voice type? I'd assume a lyric-soprano, but a criminally underdeveloped one. The reason why? She doesn't sing with the best support. As a result, her voice has dropped to the floor being as low as physically possible since without support, she can't properly resonate. This also means the higher she goes, the more tension is present, showing the voice's limitations.

Dua's voice is naturally thick. It can withstand being 'pushed' however she under-supports it which makes it have an ungainly wobble. With these observations made, keep these things in mind about a soprano:

  • A soprano can have a strong lower register too and it is not uncommon. 
  • Without training, thicker voiced sopranos can and often are mistaken for lower voice types. 
  • Untrained sopranos tend to have an issue with a low palate and excess nasality when singing which can limit their range and hide their true voice type.
  • The soprano voice can have a strong middle register too. They don't always sit high or align with the natural soprano tessitura. 
  • Sopranos, though may have a strong middle, will always have a stronger upper register and it is where the voice blooms the most. It will depend on the soprano, her skill and stylistic choice.

With that being said, the conclusion is up to subject. Dua Lipa may very well be a mezzo-soprano. Opinions are always welcome in the comments.

Another video.

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