Monday 22 May 2017

[Tragic] Katy Perry Continues Free Fall On SNL

Post by: Diva Devotee
Katy Perry is having the era from hell with album number five, Witness.

The lukewarm reception to Rise- which I actually enjoyed- in hindsight should have read as a warning from the fates that a continuation in this "mature" direction would be unwise. The subsequent releases of Chained to the Rhythm, Bon Appétit and now, Swish Swish appears to confirm this, suggesting ain't nobody here for "woke"* wretches* Perry. Give the kids that sweet, sweet, candy pop.

Determined to push through turbulent seas regardless,  Bon Appétit and Swish Swish were both tracks the Diva chose to take to the shores of SNL for a live showing. It didn't do the campaign any favours. Think drunk soccer-mum dancing, mixed with a hint of Miley's Robin Thicke desperation and you'll sort of be prepared for this. Surrounding herself with  black people and the gays only empathised how lacking she is.

Seriously, tho, have I been blind all these years or has Katy always been so awkward and rhythmically challenged? Britney's Gimme More and Christina's AMA Medley ain't a thing on this.


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