Monday 25 September 2017

[NEW MUSIC] Kali Uchis "Nuestro Planeta"

Post by: Montrez Rambo

Kali Uchis has yet to make an artistic misstep since I came across her music. Nuestro Planeta is no exception. It's not too different from the tons of other reggaeton out there but the visuals in the music video were juicy.

The oiliness, the sexy guys, the chick p*ssy popping on the floor, the bikes, lighting... it's something to behold.

I was only able to understand one word out of the entire song, but that's fine, because it's a bop, Honey. Kali has so much sex appeal and knows how to tease it just right and that soft, sweet voice of hers sold it completely.

Check her out:


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