Friday 10 November 2017

[LIVE] Niia ft. Jazmine Sullivan - Sideline

Post by: Montrez Rambo

I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for the Niia and Jazmine Sullivan to perform Sideline live (Even if it was pre-recorded).

The visuals were nice, but this wasn't as perfect as I'd hoped.

I'll talk about what I liked first: Jazmine's short wig is my favourite piece of hair in her collection. Her overall outfit was nice. Niia too looked great with her French braid. The camera work and scene changes, when they were alone in the studio, were also nice.

The vocals were overall very consistent from both women, taking on headier placements in the upper middle belts. Jazmine reined in her rasp, though her vocals weren't completely distortion free. The orchestra instruments were also nice, but...(here comes the parts I didn't enjoy as much)

Niia's placement got weird at some parts, sounding like her tongue was tense. Also, the crescendo on chorus from the instruments sounded overpowering and took me out of the performance. It sounded too dynamic- if that's a thing. There also was dissonance on the phrasing between the two at points though it didn't detract from the rendition.

Overall, can't say I was disappointed at all. The performance was very, very good and the two had chemistry and portrayed the feelings of the song perfectly. (Also, Niia's album has been added to my long list for reviews).

Check out the performance below:


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