Thursday 3 May 2018

[Review] christina Aguilera - Accelerate

Post by: Diva Devotee
Over the years Christina Aguilera has become more well known for her stints on The Voice than her musical output. This was much to the chagrin of her fans, who really wanted a new album. Well, today she's deemed the Fighters worthy, blessing them with the title of her eighth studio album, Liberation, and (depending on its success, I'd imagine)the lead single Accelerate.

Any good? Read on and find out...

It won't come as a shock to fans that the first release is an upbeat jamola, it has after all been the pattern for her major releases. Featuring Ty Dolls $ign and 2 chainz, some might be concerned on reading that Christina has stepped on the mumble-rap trend currently eating up the charts. But fear not fools, christina doesn't follow!! Accelerate is ultimately fresh and funky. It does have an air of the low frills- I think that might be the aesthetic of this era- but the snaky bass line and zesty synths are playful enough to hook a listener pretty much off the bat. The constant ad-libbing from Ty Dolla $ign(?)- 50/50 chance of getting that right- is grating but that might mellow with repeat listens.... God, I pray it does.

On the vocal front, this is typical Christina in that the voice is on the attack out the gate. However, it's made so much more enjoyable (and bearable) with the vocal tics and tricks being left at home. (Read:no growls, no throaty slides, no crazy melisma). The coda is also low-key beautiful with X-tina giving us some heady, slightly off, harmonies that at points were giving me Ariana Teas.

Lukewarm would summarise how I felt towards Liberation prior to hearing Accelerate. Now, I'm positively excited to hear what Christina has been cooking up in her lengthy absence. Truth be told, she always brings it, so I ain't worried.


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