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Thursday 22 September 2011

Review :Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris' "We Found Love " : ultimately one boring affair.

 Rihanna we found love

Seems like Rihanna is still riding the Euphoric Club sound that she opened last album Loud-which was only released LAST YEAR!- with on Only Girl (in the world). This time she's enlisted British producer Calvin Harris to come up with the lead single, called We Found Love, from the as yet untitled album due in November.

First listen to Rihanna's new single has me feeling like its missing a little magic, perhaps a punchier middle eight or a stronger melody. It's compounded by the song veering towards sounding lazy, lyrically, with way too much repetition occurring. Its a styling that will find We Found Love no doubt sounding amazing in the club, with the right atmosphere, bass heavy speakers, and a few drinks- doesn't everything?- but it doesn't translate well to a more intimate listen.

Ultimately the song is a yawn fest, that could have been helmed by any singer. Stripped is any of Rihanna feistiness or character, and the song comes off being more about Calvin Harris' production than Rihanna's voice. We Found Love should really have been reserved for Calvin Harris' new album, and as such been credited the other way round as himself featuring Rihanna, because she most certainly is not coming off as the main attraction to his show.

Rating: 2.5/5
Listen to We Found Love, below.

Calvin Harris - We found Love (Breeazy Intro Edit) by itsBreeazy