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Tuesday 14 December 2010

DOWNLOAD HERE: Memoires of An Imperfect Angel's Jump Smokers Remix Album

mariah carey Jump smokers remix album memoires

Remember Mariah Carey's last studio album Memoires Of an Imperfect Angel? Well if you do, you may not know that the album had two accompanying remix versions of it recorded that were cocked for release. However since the album barely managed to register a heart beat before it died an untimely death (NB: review), the remixed recordings were scrapped before a release date was set.

mary j and mariah carey
1_Memoires of an Imperfect Angel RnB Remix album:

An Rn B inspired take on the album was to feature different guest artists, such as Mary J Blige and R Kelly, duetting with Mariah on each song. Two of the remixes, Up out of my face featuring Nicki Minaj and the Angels Cry duet with Neo, managed to sneak out of the album before it was locked away but their failure at the charts pretty much guaranteed none of the other songs were to be released.

Not wanting to deprive the world, Mariah has said of the songs that she is looking into avenues of how to make these, eventually, available to the fans. She's even considering giving them away for free, which I think is highly unlikely. Anyone else smell a remix compilation album with all her other biggest remixed hits from yesteryear...oh wait!

2 Memoires of an Imperfect Angel Dance Remix album:

auld lang syne cover
Cd cover for Auld Lang syne Remix
The second album had the Memoires tracks remixed by, dance DJs of the moment,  the Jump Smokers. Lucky for us this album has been released for free here. Particular stand outs of that album include More than just Firends,Betch gon know and H.a.t.e U.

In related news, to prove how much she loves these guys, Mariah has just revealed she has commissioned the Jump Smokers to create a remix - WITH NEW VOCALS- of All I want for Christmas and OH Santa (from Merry Christmas ii you).  


Tweets by Mariah and the Jumpsmokers Revealing the news:

MariahCarey Coming VERY soon! : "Oh santa all I want for Christmas is you" Jump smoker's re mix!!! #stone festive!!!! Merry Christmas again!!!

JumpSmokers in the lab working on our huuuuuugggeee TOP SECRET project...ya'll should be hearing it very soon...just in time for the Holidays!!!

JumpSmokers Mariah Carey just let our "secret" out via her Twitter: she has us doing a remix mash-up of "Oh Santa! / All I Want For Christmas Is You" - she even gave us NEW vocals!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmmmm...somebody please pinch us!!! lol

Sunday 14 November 2010

Did Jessica Simpson rip off Mariah's "All I want for Christmas"?

jessica simpson
Did Jessica Rip off Mariah?

Jessica Simpson has just released her first single from her new Christmas album "Happy Christmas" called "My only wish" and boy oh boy does it sound like Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas". It has the same lyrical content, the same melody and the same overall sound as Mariah's hit, with the only real change being the middle eight.