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Monday 19 August 2013

[Music Video] Ariana Grande & Nathan Skyes Romance On "Almost is Never Enough"

Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes

For those who wanted a change of pace from Ariana Grande after the up-tempo style of singles The Way and Baby,I, new song Almost is Never Enough should satisfy you.

The piano-led ballad features a surprising choice of duetting partner in The Wanted's Nathan Skyes. Even more odd is how different his voice sounds to the way I remember it being on any of his group's singles. I'm actually shocked at how good his voice actually is.However, much like with Ariana, his delivery feels to be more imitation than innovation, so I'm reigning in my appreciation a little at this point. Further singles from the singer may change my mind.

Still, this Boyz II Men homage is making me feel all warm and nostalgic, so I can't hate on it. 

Wednesday 7 August 2013

[New Music] Has Ariana Grande Run Out Of Ideas Already? Listen To "Right Here" And Decide For Yourself.

I'm back to being ambivalent about young vocalist Ariana Grande after hearing new track, Right There. Whereas there had been development from the Diva on second single, Baby, I, this new track, which admittedly is an album track so I shouldn't have expected anything spectacular, sounds pretty much like a clone of her debut single The Way.

With Mariah-esque vocals (with a splash of Aguilera), a sample (courtesy of Rain Dance) and a guest rapper ( Big Sean); it's no wonder even Ariana herself called this The Way Pt II (Source: someone's comment on YouTube(!)). But just because the artist has been self-aware enough to (supposedly) note the similarities, it doesn't excuse this sloppy effort for me. 
Right Here isn't offensive, though. I'm sure I'll even enjoy it on rotation for a few days. But it's disappointingly more of the same from Ariana. Something perhaps concerning just three releases into her young career.

Monday 22 July 2013

[New Music] Ariana Grande Comes Into Her Own With "Baby, I"

Ariana Grande returns with new single Baby, I, and like last single The Way, it's a track that's firmly rooted in the 1990's Rnb/Pop scene. To add to the authenticity of the sound, the Diva even managed to rope in the legendary Babyface- who created monster tracks in that very decade- to write and produce the cut. So if you were feeling her first single, odds are, you're probably going to enjoy this one. I certainly am!

What I was most looking forward to hearing from the new single was how/if Ariana was going to change her style of delivery after the Mariah comparisons The Way generated. With similar use of contrasting "airy" and solid tones, vocal runs that we'd heard before and a foray into the whistle register that was all very Mimi, it was a way of singing that though impressive, was entirely too reminiscent of her idol. And of course, nobody really takes serious an imitator when the original is still knocking out records.

Thankfully Baby, I doesn't suffer from any such identity crisis- much to my surprise- and Ariana's voice shines for all the right reasons (though the intonation is still a slight annoyance). It's a speedy evolution in sound that could just mark the beginning of her journey to her very own unique vocal style- something all great Divas need. If true, this makes the singer a whole lot more of an interesting musical proposition to me.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

[Watch] Ariana Grande Vocally Impresses @ Ellen With Live Performance Of "The Way"

Ariana Grande put on a great showing of single, The Way, for the audience at the The Ellen Degeneres Show. We've already seen that the young lady can sing, via YouTube videos, but this was the first time (for me, at least) that I've seen her perform in a live studio environment. Needless to say, she smashed it.

With a timbre like Mariah's and a penchant for musically suspect vocal runs like Christina, Arina is still somewhat finding her own unique sound. Yes, she can sing. No question. But she needs to get a style of her own if she really wants to compete, or stand shoulder to shoulder with the Divas she so clearly idolises.

Still, with a voice as pristine as hers is- despite sounding a little nasal and fuller, in this live setting- it's sure to take her far no matter what she does with it. I just hope she's smart enough not to rely solely on the range and runs to impress when it comes time to record that ever important d├ębut album.

Monday 25 March 2013

[Review] Ariana Grande "The Way"

It's finally appeared, people! Ariana Grande’s rumoured material has surfaced and has fans both squealing with excitement and frowning in concern.

The Way is a piano-led pop Rnb record that carries some inspiration from the 90’s- something helped, in a big way, by the use of its sample, Not a Player by Big Pun. The Lyrics are more catchy than well written but what more can be expected of a children’s sitcom star?

Ariana’s vocals are both very light and airy but also full and resonant, with some instances of whistle register at the songs climax. However, the vocals are also what some may label "bothersome" because although the singer has shown us, in live performances, a glimpse of the character her own voice possesses, this record doesn't build on that, instead being extremely “Mariah Carey-esque” in its delivery.

This could be seen as both good and bad for the young singer. Ultimately it shows Ariana is a very capable vocalist, I mean you'd have to be to emulate Mariah. But, there's also a danger of being branded a "cheap knock-off" if she fails to establish her own sound and keeps trying to mimic other singers.

Even so, The Way is a great first attempt and should do its job of building recognition for the budding popstar as it's undeniably a catchy song! It just needs more Ariana in it and less "Song Bird Supreme" (AKA Mariah).

Rating: C+

Thanks to Brian [better known as "Flylikeabrian" on this site] for penning the review!