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Monday 12 September 2011

Leona Lewis sings "Collide" Live on "Red or Black. Also, has she had a nose job?

Leona Lewis sang new single Collide live on Simon Cowells new UK game show, Red or Black. Though Leona started off shaky, she managed to gain confidence when the heavy backing vocals kicked in, providing her voice a little cover and support. After that point her voice soared on its own, though struggling slightly in the lower extremes of the verses, and she proceeded to give a great rendition of the Avicii sampled song. The set was also surprisingly good- Simon Cowell has really managed to secure a big budget for the show- but I hated that they based the routine around the shows name, it was pretty tacky- as I should mention this post is about it to get. Still not liking the song though. I just can't get over that sample.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Review: Leona Lewis : "Collide" What do you think?

Leona Lewis is back with new single Collide and depressingly, even after a few listens, its not sitting well with me.

With the lukewarm success of her last album, it looks like the team behind Leona have decided to push towards the club sound that is EVERYWHERE to ensure her new endeavour will recapture past glories. So I guess who better to turn to than producer Sandy Vee- who had a hand in producing the massive sellers that were Only Girl (In the World) and Fireworks- to deliver a hit.