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Monday 6 August 2012

[Discuss] Drake Uses Deceased Muse, Aaliyah, on New Song "Enough Said"

Rapper Drake has made no bones about his adulation for deceased singer, Aaliyah. He even recently had a second tattoo dedicated to her- his first being a picture of her face on his back (!)- down the side of his torso.

Being such a prominent source of inspiration on his own career, it's little wonder that he would eventually create a song that featured Aaliyah. I just imagined that when that day came it would involve sampling material that was already out there! Instead, Drake has managed to get his hands on some unheard, unreleased material and created the "duet" Enough Said using it.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Florence And The Machine Cover Drake and Rihanna's "Take Care"

Did you ever imagine that Florence Welch would be a Drake fan? I'm not sure I did- not that I'd given it much thought, I must admit- but she vocalised her like of the Canadian star not only directly, calling him one of her favourite artists- along with Rihanna- but also musically, by choosing to cover the title track of his new album Take Care.

Take Care is a dark and atmospheric duet between Drake and Rihanna that musically is based heavily on the Jamie XX remix of a Gil Scott-Heron track I'll take care of you. The Drake remake is also produced by Jamie XX but features some additional production by Noah Shebib. It's a pretty good song, but nonetheless, one I wouldn't have expected Florence And The Machine to cover. But perhaps that was the point.