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Saturday 8 June 2013

[Free Music] Download Charlotte Church's Excellent "TWO" EP!

If I had known Charlotte Church's excellent TWO EP was being given away for free, I'd have told you guys sooner! Unfortunately, it's only today that I stumbled upon this wondrous news! If you are feeling extra generous, the site from which it's being distributed does give you the ability to offer a monetary tip- so dig deep if you can to support this independent venture- however, it's not a necessity in getting your mitts on it. (You can also buy it on Itunes, here.)

I have to admit I cheaped Charlotte out of my money when downloading- but that's only because I have none at the moment! I shall, however, (hopefully) make it up to the Welsh woman by greasing her palm when I buy tickets to see her perform in London, come September! Also, my brother has bought a copy of the EP already, so at least someone with half the same DNA as me has paid for it. That's something, right?

Charlotte's next EP is due in August, but if you liked this collection of songs I strongly suggest you buy its predecessor (entitled, ONE), here.

Saturday 1 June 2013

[Free Music] Take A Listen To (And Download) Independent Artist Vanessa Elisha's "Don't Go" EP

Received an email from an Australian up-and-coming Diva called Vanessa Elisha. Always one to try and shine a little light on new and independent talent, I thought it was only right that I make a post for her new EP, Don't Go.

With a dark Rnb sound that isn't dissimilar to that featured on Tinashe's excellent Reverie mixtape, Vanessa has compiled an EP of beautifully atmospheric tracks. With a voice that shares qualities with both Mya and JoJo, the vocals are kept breezy and light for most of this EP- which is actually respectful to the production. So don't expect your head to be blown off by big notes and crazy runs. But if you do want to hear Vanessa stretch her voice a little more, take a listen to the ad-libs on the closing track Blur. They hint at there still being more to come from this singer-songwriter.

I really love this era of music. No longer does an artist have to faff about with record labels to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Now a person, anywhere, can get on the net, upload their creations and the world is (potentially) their audience. The internet has effectively democratised music- and it's awesome!  Keep doing your thing, Ms. Elisha!