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Tuesday 23 July 2013

[Watch] Florence Welch Covers Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" And Gossip's "Standing In The Way Of Control"

OMG! Okay, the Daft Punk bit I'm "meh" about- I don't really like the song- but Florence Welch covering Gossip's Standing In The Way Of Control blew my mind (as it clearly did to some woman in the audience). So how did this impromptu performance come about? Well, according to Spin,

It was the annual Sourberry summer party and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine was in attendance...She hopped up on stage during our sound check and rocked out a couple of numbers with us while we warmed up. 'Get Lucky' - Daft Punk and 'Standing In The Way Of Control' - The Gossip.

Before you watch the video, don't expect a polished performance- Read:lower your expectations(!). I'm pretty sure Flo was on the libations before gatecrashing the stage- she certainly enjoyed a "wee dram" while on it- so her faculties might have been somewhat impaired! I'm just amazed she covered a Gossip song! Now if only I could get her to do it again in a more focused state, now that'd surely be something...

Also, hats off to the band, Sourberry. They rocked!

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Review: Gossip return with "Perfect World"

Perfect World cover

Beth Ditto and her motley crew, collectively known as Gossip have returned, Hooray! The group's energetic last album, Music for Men, seems like it was released an eternity ago (2009 in actuality) and with Ms Ditto releasing an EP in 2011 I was worried that that was the end of the trio, and solo stardom beckoned. But new single Perfect World means my prayers have been heard, and they return with their fifth album, A Joyful Noise, in May of 2012.