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Wednesday 29 May 2013

[Music Video] Ke$ha Turns Latina Gangsta In Video For "Crazy Kids"

crazy kids music video still

Yes to Ke$ha! Yes to her new single, Crazy Kids! Yes to the new video and the Latina gangsta look! But NO to the totally unnecessary Will.I.Am rap. NO! NO! NO! NO! ARGHHH!

When I first heard Crazy Kids it wasn't love at first listen- thanks in large part to the whistling! Seriously, when is whistling- not of the Minnie Ripperton variety, but of the average Joe kind- anything other than annoying? (Just because I can't whistle doesn't mean I'm jealous of anyone who can, so put away that Psych -101 textbook!)

But I'm over it, and I love everything about the album version of the song (note: it doesn't feature Mr. Will.I.Am.Everywhere). It's just too bad that they did away with Ke$ha's second verse to fit in Will's rubbishy part because it does affect the natural flow of the song. The omittance of the swears, though understandable, also somewhat dulls the devil-may-care attitude of the lyrics. So moral of the story/paragraph/post/life: listen to the album version after you've checked out the video!

Take a listen to both version of Crazy Kids, below!