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Friday 10 November 2017

Kimbra - Everybody Knows

Post by: Montrez Rambo

Kimbra's releasing new music again! That meant I had to stop whatever I was doing and pay attention to see what was released. And Everybody Knows is interesting.

The music video is simple, Kimbra standing in a field being choked out by a California king sized top sheet for a bed... cool, she's weird like that. She looked gorgeous while doing it though. I'll have to watch the behind the scenes to get it because the meaning went completely over my head.

Friday 30 September 2016

[Music Video] Kimbra - "Sweet Relief"

Kimbra keeps on marching to her own beat with new single Sweet Relief.

Funky and filled with Prince influence, this latest track has debuted with little fanfare and even less information. The only thing I can ascertain is that it was made with Redinho. We don't even know if this marks the start of the campaign for the Diva's third album.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Kimbra Serves Up Irresistable Disco-Funk With "Miracle"

Wow, Kimbra's Miracle is giving me life today!

I woke up feeling pretty grim - a feeling compounded by the sun and its mocking fierceness. However Kimbra has come to my emotional rescue with this disco-inspired ditty.

Miracle doesn't quite sound like anything I've heard from the Diva before- vocally or production wise- so either I've not listened to her debut album properly, or she's changing direction with her new LP, The Golden Echo.

Whatever the case, I needed this today, so thanks Kimi!

Wednesday 30 January 2013

[Vocal Profile] Kimbra Johnson

Kimbra Johnson

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range: 4 Octaves 1 note and a semi-tone (C#3-D#7)
Whistle Register:Yes
Vocal Pluses: Kimbra's voice isn't like that of a powerhouse Diva, but instead its strength lies in its unique timbre and the the quirky jazz-inspired way she wields it.

Her low notes are not well supported (though an artistic decision) but are still characterful and identifiable [as demonstrated by the A#2 in Somebody Please]. She's at her most comfortable between the notes F3-C5; where the voice has a surprising warmth, tinges of smokiness, and a delicate quality [Hear: Limbo].

Overall her voice is head-dominate, which is perhaps why the weight of the voice is so light. In this upper-register, Kimbra exhibits much  freedom, being able to navigate it easily and effortlessly [Settle Down] and able to jump from a belt to a head-voice note with impressive dexterity.

Her belting range shares this dexterity-she can jump from a F3-F#5 in elastic and energetic bouts [Hear: Call Me]. However, as the voice climbs past A4 it drops weight quickly, becoming lighter but brighter and steelier in tone. To give the upper belts more substance Kimbra often layers and incorporates them within harmonies, or uses studio effects to give the sound an "artificially cavernous" one.

Vocal Negatives: Kimbra's voice doesn't carry much weight, which is surprisingly light considering how dark her tessitura is (F3-D5). Her chest voice also has a tendency to sound "throaty", which, in combination with her unusual vibrato and quirky styling, may not be to everyone's taste.