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Wednesday 10 July 2013

[Music Video] Loreen: "We Got The Power"

loreen Music video stil

Are you feeling downtrodden, depressed, or powerless? If you are, do what I've been doing this last month- no, it's nothing filthy- and take a listen to (and have a sing along to) Loreen's We Got The Power! With its inspirational lyrics and chantable chorus, one round of this song, with your fist held high in the air, should leave you reinvigorated and ready to give life one fiery uppercut to the jaw! What have you got to lose? Nothing! So give it a try!

Having only discovered the lovely Loreen after watching her amazingly performance at Eurovision 2013 (check it out at the bottom of this post), I've actually fallen a little bit in love with the Swedish singer. Other songs to give a try- if you liked this one- are My Heart Is Refusing Me and Euphoria (which won her the Eurovision competition in 2012). I'll post them below for you lazy bones who can't be bothered to YouTube!