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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Macy Gray, you Iz Tew Much!

Macy Gray has just released a new song (and video) espousing the virtues of her own vibrator....Yes, you read that right! Her VIBRATOR!!

Take a look at some the lyrics if you don't believe me :
He fits like a glove, always up for love,
steady like a caterpillar.
Rabbit from a hat, he knows just where it’s at.
Give me what I want, and I want that.
I am officially done for the day...

Thursday 14 August 2014

[New Music] Macy Gray - "Bang Bang"

Macy Gray has returned with Bang Bang, a bluesy badass of a track that heralds the welcome return from the Diva with the husky voice.

Built around a banging guitar lick, Macy is bringing us a Southern sound that is so evocative I almost feel like I'm wilting in the swamps of Louisiana. Respite does come, in the form of the sumptuous middle 8, but by then I'm hooked on the humidity, welcoming its inevitable return when the bridge falls away.

Look out for more from this one of a kind Diva when she releases her new album, The Way, due October 7