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Thursday 6 October 2011

Nicola Roberts Bests Other Girls Aloud Member's music with the release of "Cinderella's Eyes"

Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts released her unashamedly 80's inspired debut album Cinderella's Eye on the 23rd of September. Being the quietest, and youngest, member of the girl group it was always a mystery what direction the singer would take if she decided to release any solo material at all. Honestly, I wasn't holding my breath for music and had assumed that her fashionista ways would taker her down the Victoria Beckham route into that world. But what do I know, and the release of her first single Beat Of My Drum-see end of post- took me totally by surprise with the left field sound she went for. That was the exciting moment that I sat up and took an interest, realising that Nicola Robert's may just be about to deliver something special on her debut album.

Thursday 2 June 2011

Nicola Roberts "Beat of my Drum" Single Reivew

The dark- or should that be ginger?- horse of now defunct girl group Girls Aloud finally peaks her head above the musical canopy today with the premier of new single Beat of my Drum. But whereas her fellow band mates have failed to set the music world alight with their endeavors how can the member of the group with arguably the weakest voice be able to buck that trend?By being smart, switched on, and playing to her strengths, that's how!

As mentioned above Nicola's voice is nothing of real note- having a light, soft, floaty timbre with a warm colouring that's average at best. Qualities that allow it to blend well in a group situation, but were always going to be difficult to sell a whole song on. However, if Beat of my Drum is a sign of things to come, Nicola seems to be aware of her own voice and its limitations, and has taken the smart move of switching up her vocal style. Now opting for a talk singing delivery- favoured by the likes of Uffie and Ke$ha- to ride the real star of the show, the song's Diplo production.