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Monday 25 November 2013

[Watch] Lady Gaga's AMA Performance Of "Do What U Want" Explained - Or at least I think so.

r kelly gaga kiss

YES to Lady Gaga and R.Kelly bringing a little something different to the American Music Awards. Performing their duet, Do What U Want, we saw the pair playing president and secretary as they sang a distinctly theatrical rendition of the hit song.

But why the narrative and what was the point of it? Well, I'm no egghead, but it seems pretty clear by the end that the "president" was actually a metaphor for the media. Both the media and the "president" were enamoured with Gaga at the beginning, quickly inviting her into their world with open arms- illustrated by the party in the president's office. Good times!

However, both eventually turn on the singer, with the "president" doing so literally by denying any knowledge of her, and the media's change being highlighted by the newspaper clippings shown on screen. Interestingly, the image we are left with is a lone Gaga singing, almost in desperation, for us to do what we want with her body. Sad times.

On the other hand, I could be wrong, and the whole thing could have just been built around the song lyric, "You're the Marilyn, I'm the president". Let me know how you interpreted it in the comments! Whatever the case, a stellar performance from both R.Kelly (whose voice is truly something!) and Gaga.

Tuesday 25 September 2012

[New Music] Whitney Houston Feat R Kelly "I Look To You"

The first song to be taken from The Best Of Whitney Houston album, which hits the shelves on November 13th, has hit Youtube. I Look To You, which was originally the title track of the departed Diva's last album, has been reworked and now features vocals from its writer, R.Kelly.