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Monday 16 May 2011

Charice Pempengco- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type:Mezzo Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 2 note C3-E6
Vocal Pluses: Charice Pempengco’s lower register is powerful and darker than the other parts of her range and is relatively easily accessed, except at the lower extremes. The mid range is solid, rounded, and smooth and she is capable of complex melisma from this point upwards.

Charice Pempengco has a strong, expansive chest voice that can reach up into the fifth octave (G5). Even at higher frequencies the belting range maintains a similar, powerful resonance to that of the lower part of the range.

She has the skill and stamina to hold upper notes for long periods of time with or without her impressively emotive vibrato.

Vocal Negatives: Charice Pempengco sometimes uses bad technique in order to retain her fuller tone at the lower and higher parts of her range; pushing her larynx down, when attempting the lower notes and pulling it up, creating a strained tone, to hit higher notes

After her debut album, Charice reverted to singing in a way that was more in line with her natural range, creating a more healthy sound.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Sarah Brightman- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 octaves and 1 semitone Eb3- E6
Vocal Pluses: Flexible voice that is suited to both pop/contemporary music and opera.
Vocal Negatives: There are arguments amongst opera fans as to whether she should truly be considered an opera singer due to the lightness of her voice and her technical abilities.

Friday 13 March 2009

Vocal Classifaction

Here is a general picture of how a voice is classified into its relevant voice type. This form of classification is more relevant to opera and choral singers but the definitions have naturally spilled over to popular singers.

Female voices can be split into:

* Contralto: F3 to F5
* Mezzo Soprano: A3 to A5. Most typical vocal type for women.
* Soprano: Highest female voice type. Range lies between a C4 and a C6

Male voices can be split into:

* Bass: Lowest male voice type.F2 to F4
* Baritone: F2 to F4 most common male voice
* Tenor: c3 to c5. Most typical vocal type for women
* Countertenor: Highest male voice type. Range lies between a G3 and a F5, however higher notes usually sang in falsetto.

These are all approximations and as you can see its quite difficult to fit a popular singer into a particular voice type when you consider someone like Mariah Carey. Mariah can go from a G2 to a G7 which is higher then the highest female voice type and two notes off being lower then a bass.

vocal classification table