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Friday 18 November 2011

Has Pregnancy Strengthened Mariah Carey's Voice?

There has been much- well some- buzz about the return of Mariah Carey, after the singer made a startling revelation in an interview that her pipes had become stronger because of her pregnancy. [Watch the interview below]

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Vocal news: Adele cancels shows to recuperate her voice and Christina Aguilera FINALLY decides to take vocal lessons, a decade into her career.

Vocal news from two of our Divas today: one piece great, and one  piece bad, but both resulting in our singers going back to vocal school to brush up on their technique.

Firstly we look to Christina Aguilera for the good, no GREAT news that FINALLY, allegedly mind, she has enlisted a vocal coach- Seth Riggs -to tame that unwiedly bastion that is her voice! I can only drool at the thought of what some proper training and instruction will do for her. It may just make that "voice of a generation" title her fans so proudly throw about finally ring with some truth, because as she is, with technique that bad, it is both undeserving and a sad indictment on my generation of singers for her to be called that yet.