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Saturday 13 November 2010

Nadine Coyle's New single "Put your hands up" is actually Good! Take a listen

put your hands up Review
Nadine Coyle "Put your Hands up"
Nadine Coyle's second single "Put your Hands up" is a definite improvement on her last, and pretty poor, flop "Insatiable".The song itself is an electro-pop, dance floor groove that is built around a muted trumpet sample.

Unfortunately this song suffers the same problem, but to a lessor extent, as her last release in that it sounds dated. Luckily for Nadine it sounds nowhere near as a dated as "Insatiable" and a strange attempt at autotuning  her voice part-way through may  be enough to make it appeal to the younger fanbase she desperately needs for this to sell well and become a hit.

"Put your Hands up" deserves to go top 10 at least, as its actually a  good ,grown-up, pop song. However, it's going to need a big push promotionally for people to take notice because it doesn't scream "hit" straight away or have a gimmick for people to latch on to ("Promise me", anyone?).

Watch the Official video for Rhianna's- "What's My Name?"

Rihanna's new video to accompany her American number 1 hit Whats my name? featuring Drake. Yeh or meh?

Rihanna whats my name video
rihanna drake video
Rihanna and Drake