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Thursday 9 December 2010

Review and Compeition: Mariah Careys "When Christmas Comes"

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Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and B scott in the video for Up out my face.
Review of When Christmas comes:
When Christmas Comes is the new single from Mariah Carey's seasonal offering, Merry Christmas ii You. The song is a mid-tempo, retro affair, that has been refreshingly composed entirely with live instrumentation. All these things, and of course The Voice, make When Christmas comes a rarity in contemporary seasonal songs in that its clearly been created  not to cash in on the holiday season, but to celebrate it.

Competition :
To promote its release, the awesomeness that is B Scott-  who you may remember from the video for Up out my Face earlier this year- has teamed up with Mariah and launched a competition to see which fan can create the best video for the single. The ultimate winner will  receive the unbelievable Prize of being featuring in the actual Mariah Carey video!

Below  B scott gives you guys some inspiration with is an example of a tribute video he created himself. So sit back and watch B Scott do his thing visually while listening to Mariah Carey do hers vocally.

'When Christmas Comes' L+L (Lambs+Love Muffins) Competition Guidelines

  • Watch and comment on the B. Scott 'When Christmas Comes' video via Youtube.
  • Create your own 'When Christmas Comes' video.
  • Subscribe to the official B. Scott Youtube channel:
  • Post your 'WCC' video as a response to the B. Scott 'When Christmas Comes' video on Youtube.
  • Follow Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) / B. Scott (@lovebscott) and tweet them the following: "Please watch my #WCC video! I hope I win! (insert your video link)"
  • If selected as a winner, your video will be featured in the official Mariah Carey 'WCC' video, plus you'll receive an 'Extra Festive' signed prize from Mariah Carey and B. Scott.
  • Remember that this is your opportunity to express yourself in your own unique way. Your videos can be as simple as holiday snaps shots, animation, home holiday footage, anything that represents how you feel in your heart 'When Christmas Comes'.