Monday 25 October 2010

Cheryl Cole the mimer?- Promise This - X FACTOR PERFORMANCE 2010 (Review)

cheryl cole x-factor performance
I decided to Youtube Cheryl Coles' X-Factor performance, where she performed new single Promise this, after reading the hoopla in the press about her supposed miming to judge for myself if this was the case or not.

Surprisingly, as far as I can tell, Cheryl Cole isn't miming. The confusion over "was she or wasn't she" may have stemmed from the heavy backing track.

Never being the strongest vocalist I felt she did a commendable job; displaying melisma (Shock!) at 3.24 after a sustained (double shock!!) note before finally ending with flourishes of head voice(triple shock!!!) at the end of the song (around the 4.06).

All in all I was pleasantly surprised to hear variation in her vocal abilities and to see the improvement in Cheryl's dancing and stage presence since her performance of Fight for this Love on last years X-Factor. Maybe there is a reason Cheryl Cole is on the panel after all...still not sure about the song though!

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  1. She was actually miming the choruses and the first verse. I think she sang the second verse live and OBVIOUSLY sang the bridge live. She hits and sustains a wonderful E5 I believe?