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Wednesday 18 June 2014

Cheryl Cole Hits Britain's Got Talent With "Crazy Stupid Love" Performance

We never did get a chance to talk about Cheryl Cole's Crazy Stupid Love, did we.

Having returned to the X-Factor (UK) this year, it's no shocker the Diva decided now was the right time to put out new music. Truthfully, she'd have been a total idiot to not capitalise on the opportunity- especially considering how her music career did post X-Factor.

Friday 28 December 2012

[Listen] Lana Del Rey's Original Demo Of Cheryl's " Ghetto Baby"

cheryl cole ghetto baby music video

Now, I'm sure that Cheryl Cole- I just can't get used to the single moniker name she's going by now- can at least dance. But for some reason, her Rankin directed video for "Ghetto Baby" features the kind of camera angles and fast edits that seem to contest my surety.

So, either she was less rehearsed than usual with the choreography, leading to the less than polished routine, or Rankin isn't quite as adept a director as he is a photographer, and it's his fault. But since I don't really care either way, it's whatever it is.

Sunday 21 October 2012

[Discuss] Cheryl Caught Miming During Performance of "Call My Name" @ Stand Up To Cancer

[UPDATE: I am so PEEVED. This post was removed from my blogger account, without any warning. Not only was it deleted- thank God I managed to find a cached version of the site to copy the content again- but there wasn't even a reason given. I am just going to assume it was removed because of the video, and SOMEONE not liking it being out there, so I shall remove that part of the post. If this gets deleted again, then I can only take that as an infringement of my right to free speech because there is no copyright issues going on here, just discussion. I really need to move away from Blogger]

Can someone please explain to me what happened to Cheryl's voice during her performance of Call My Name at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon.

It's my (completely uninformed) understanding that if you mime/lip-sync to a backing, the vocals and the music are mixed into the same audio track. I mean, what would be the point of recording the vocals separately and having a sound engineer/mixer be responsible for starting both tracks separately. It seems like a recipe for disaster.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Cheryl Cole Proves She Can't Sing Live.

Cheryl (Cole) had something to prove. Having performed Call My Name at The Voice semi-final a week ago, she had been accused of making a mockery of the program and its premise by lip-synching. It was an accusation her team denied, but the Girls Aloud member clearly felt the need to prove her vocal chops by singing live during her duet with Gary Barlow at this weekend's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Either that, or she had no choice but to sing live.

Friday 20 April 2012

Review:Cheryl Cole "Call My Name"

cherly cole 2012

Cheryl has finally dropped the "Cole" from her name, and now, like Prince, is going only by a single name on upcoming third album A Million Lights. "Cheryl" doesn't quite have the same ring as  "Prince", "Beyonce" or "Madonna", but I'm not complaining. Dropping the cheating scumbags' name has been a long time coming, and at least now Cheryl can use it to her advantage by getting a little free publicity out of the change. It's something she's going to need a lot more of now she's declined to return to her prime-time gig on The X-Factor.

Saturday 18 December 2010

Cheryl Cole, The Flood LIVE (Royal Variety Performance 2010)

Chery Cole gave her first live performance of her terrible single The Flood at the Royal Variety Show.

It's almost as if this was a different Cheryl Cole to the one we've watched on the X-Factor these last months. Gone was the tough, in-control aura and instead poor Cheryl looked nervous and meek, visibly shaking throughout the song. It's vulnerable side I've never seen in the confident Geordie before.

There's speculation about whether this was live or not, but I think the tuning issues and Cheryl being clearly nervous made it more likely to be live than not. The belted D5 note-that people are claiming was mimed- on the word "flood" (see 1.07) was also live; although that note is supported by a backing track that can be heard at 3.19.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Cheryl Cole "The Flood" : Video and Review

cheryl cole the flood
Cheryl Cole still taken from "The Flood"

Cheryl Cole is back with new single The Flood, a soppy, mid-tempo ballad about, you guessed it, Love (symbolised by the water) and its transient nature. All in all it's a pretty mediocre and forgettable follow up to her last single Promise This, but will no doubt go top 10 thanks to her X-factor profile.

Watch the video below:

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Cheryl Cole - Vocal Profile/Range

Cheryl Cole Pictures, vocal range, profile

Vocal Type: Mezzo- Soprano
Vocal Range: 1.7 octaves (Approx). F3- Eb5

Vocal Pluses:Voice has a pleasant soft quality in the head and mid range.

Vocal Negatives: weak voice that lacks strength or dexterity with a tendency to become thin and whiny as it progresses up the chest voice.

Monday 25 October 2010

Cheryl Cole the mimer?- Promise This - X FACTOR PERFORMANCE 2010 (Review)

cheryl cole x-factor performance
I decided to Youtube Cheryl Coles' X-Factor performance, where she performed new single Promise this, after reading the hoopla in the press about her supposed miming to judge for myself if this was the case or not.