Tuesday 30 November 2010

Currently Listening to: Keri Hilson "Turn my Swag on" Remix

cher lloyd swagger
Cher Lloyd Performs
"Turn my swagger on"

Cher Lloyd is the 17 year old X-Factor hopeful (see left) that brought to the United Kingdoms' -and I'm embarrassed to say that includes mine too- attention the club banger that is Keri Hilsons' remix  of "Turn My Swagger on".

The performance is one of my stand outs from the current series of the X-factor and its partially due to the massive transformation that occurred in Cher within the space of  a few seconds. When she first came out onto the stage she seemed nervous, afraid and overwhelmed by the whole thing but as soon as the music started her whole demeanour changed and suddenly she was a feisty, confident, and commanding performer. Watch the performance below


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  1. Cher was using the gospel jaw :O I don't watch the UK X-Factor but I hope they teach her how to use her vibrato naturally. I see potential and she definitely has a goon side.