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Saturday 11 December 2010

Review: Rebecca Furguson and Christina Aguilera perform Beautiful (X-Factor Final 2010)

christina aguilera rebecca x-factor
Rebecca and christina Aguierla at the x-factor semi Final

Christina and Rebecca xfactor final
A hefty Christina Aguilera took to the X-factor stage and totally smashed it with her performance of Beautiful. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of her duetting partner Rebecca, who gave a shaky vocal performance and forgot the lines.

To add to the list of complaints was the song arrangement. The choice to cut off the song at the climatic second half, when the true belting begins, was ludicrous. It may have been done to spare Rebecca's blushes but it only served to disappoint those who were waiting for the vocal fireworks to begin.

The performance was a ramshackle affair that made the usually slick show look like an amateur production. This was a duet that could have been something special, but instead it was a badly paired, rushed and unrehearsed mess that potentially sacrificed Rebecca's chances of winning for the viewers and publicity Christina would bring to show.

Christina express x-factor
Christina also performed a sultry  rendition of Express
from her new film Burlesque

Christina express x-factor

Watch Christina Aguilera Perform Beautiful with Rebecca on the X-factor below

Review: Matt Cardel and Rihanna perform Unfaithful (X-Facor Final 2010)

rihanna and matt x factor
Rihanna And Matt perform Unfaithful on the x-factor 2010

RIhanna also performed
whats my name

Rihanna took to the stage this weekend to duet with X-factor finalist Matt Cardle on her song Unfaithful. It was a shaky performance from Matt, and as I feared, he seemed totally uncomfortable with the song choice and the setting. Rihanna on the other hand looked in her element, and despite the terrible hair, managed to stay vocally on point while trying her best to create some chemistry with Matt. Bad Pairing. Nuff said.

Disagree? comment below or by clicking here. I'd Love to read your thoughts.

Watch Rihanna and Matt's performance of Unfaithful below

Friday 10 December 2010

Diva's Christina Aguilera and Rihanna To duet with Rebecca and Matt on the 2010 X-factor Finale:


Exciting news from the X-factor camp about which celebrities will duet with which contestants in the X-factor finale this weekend.

Rihanna and Matt Cardle
matt rihanna xfactor
Matt and Rihanna are Duetting on
the x-factor  finale
Painter and decorator Matt Cardle has been paired up with Bajan singer Rihanna; an odd choice considering their contrasting voices. Matt has a soft, delicate, emotive voice whereas Rhiannas' tends to be solid, nasal and a little harsh.

Listen to Matt's voice below as he sings The first time (I ever saw your face) 

Sunday 5 December 2010

Alexandra Burke- The Silence X-Factor performance 2010 review

Alexandra Burke performing The
Silence on the X-factor 2010
Alexandra Burke walked out again onto that hallowed X-factor stage where just two years ago her life was transformed by winning the show. Now a successful solo star in her own right she proved she still had the X-factor by  giving a rousing performance of her single The Silence.

Saturday 4 December 2010

Stacey Solomon: I'm a celebrity get me out of here 2010 Winner!

Stacey And her Boyfriend after winning I'm a celebrity get me out of here

Stacey Solomon on the x-factor last year

Stacey Solomon was a runner up on last years X-Factor and despite actually having a good voice and "the likeability factor", the buggers never picked her up for a record contract after the show ended.

This year Stacy found herself on the masochist's favourite television program, I'm a Celebrity get me out of here. A prime-time show, ironically shown directly after the X-factor, that has "celebrities" doing gross tasks to earn food stamps to essentially live.

Unsurprisingly-because she's awesome- Stacey easily won the show and took home the title of Queen of the Jungle. Hopefully winning the show will open the doors for her that the X-factor failed to last year.

So to show my support and offer congratulations, to  possibly the nicest person in the world, here are two of her best X-factor performances.

First step, Queen of the Jungle, next, Queen of  ENGLAND!

Watch the moment Stacey Solomon Won I'm a celebrity get me out of here

Stacey Singing Queens Who wants to live forever:

Stacey singing Somewhere

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Currently Listening to: Keri Hilson "Turn my Swag on" Remix

cher lloyd swagger
Cher Lloyd Performs
"Turn my swagger on"

Cher Lloyd is the 17 year old X-Factor hopeful (see left) that brought to the United Kingdoms' -and I'm embarrassed to say that includes mine too- attention the club banger that is Keri Hilsons' remix  of "Turn My Swagger on".

The performance is one of my stand outs from the current series of the X-factor and its partially due to the massive transformation that occurred in Cher within the space of  a few seconds. When she first came out onto the stage she seemed nervous, afraid and overwhelmed by the whole thing but as soon as the music started her whole demeanour changed and suddenly she was a feisty, confident, and commanding performer. Watch the performance below


Monday 29 November 2010

Watch Nicole Scherzingers' X-factor performance of Poison 2010

nicole scherzinger poison
 Nicole Scherzinger Poison cover

Nicole Scherzingers' X-factor dress Poison
Nicole Scherzinger on the
X-factor 2010

Tonight it was Nicole Scherzingers' turn to ride the X-Factor publicity train to the top 10 of the UK singles chart, performing her latest single "Poison"on the results show. Nicole admirably managed to make a weak song seem a lot better than it is with an awesome routine, tons of dancers and lots of cool lighting.

But I just don't understand how someone who has had some amazingly catchy songs previously, with the Pussy  Cat Dolls, can't seem to spot a hit from a miss without them.I know she wasn't the mastermind behind the operation, but you'd think some of the magic woulda rubbed off on her!

Friday 12 November 2010

Alexandra Burke & Beyoncé duet on "Listen"

alexandra Burke Beyonce cheryl cole duet
Alexandra Burke , Beyonce and Cheryl Cole
Alexandra Burkeduets withBeyoncéon the song "Listen". This performance was ultimately what sealed Alexandra's fate as the winner of the X-factor in 2008 and its not surprising considering she held her own against such a formidable singer.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Rihanna "Only Girl" X Factor 2010 (Full Version) Live Results Show 4

Rihanna Performing
Only girl on Xfactor

Rihanna performed a knock out version of Only girl on the British talent show the X-factor. The year spent touring has really done the singer good, improving both Rihanna's live voice as well as her stage presence.

I particularly liked the contrast created between the orchestral start and the fully electronic, single version that follows in the chorus.

Watch the video below:

Monday 1 November 2010

X-Factor season 7 live show 4: Boys performance reviewed (30th October).

Paije Richardson: Back to Black

An incredibly boring and uninspired version of Back to black. Paije couldn’t really reach the lower notes (1.16) and goes out of tune during the belted note (1.36) and to top it off he ends terribly too.

Matt Cardle Bleeding Love

Perhaps the song was too high for his natural tessitura because his voice sounded incredibly whiny throughout the performance, while lacking its usual softness and warmth. The belted notes seemed forced and unnatural, and pitchy in parts. It was a bad week for Matt.

Wagner O Fortuna/Bat Out Of Hell

No comment. Lolz.

One Direction Total Eclipse of the Heart

Two weeks and two Bonnie Tyler songs butchered. There is one good singer in this group and the rest just sound out of tune whenever they try giving it a go. Suspiciously they all manage to sing intune during the chorus though, which makes me think there is a backing track playing during certain parts. Harder to watch than the group themselves is Simon (1.49) who is now only seeing pound signs where once there used to be teenage boys.

X-Factor season 7 live show 4: Girls' performance reviewed (30th October).

Mary Byrne: Could it be magic

If this is Louis’ idea of Mary doing modern music then it pretty much shows what decade he's stuck in. Although she had a slight problem with her timing, and some of the notes sounded a little pitchy ( see 1.59 "baby I want you") she carried the song off well enough.

Cher Lloyd: Stay

Dynamics need better control. Sounds like a foghorn when she yodels between the soft and the harder tones at the start. Her voice is shaky throughout and seems to go out of control at points. There’s no doubt she can hold a tune, but this song was too big and far out of her comfort zone to work.

Rebecca Ferguson: Wicked game

Amazing arrangement, amazing voice, I loved it. She did go out of tune on some of the longer notes (1:58)  but this stems from her lack of confidence (watch how abruptly she ends the last note.)

Katie Waissel : Bewitched

Katy had a pleasant, smoky and consistent tone throughout the song and no problems with tuning or timing. But ultimately the whole performance felt flat, boring and came across more style than substance.

Treyc Cohen : Relight My Fire

Started off really well with the slow intro and I was hoping for big things. Unfortunately, although it was a solid vocal performance, it was totally forgettable. Sure Trayc can sing, but, ironically, that’s not enough in this competition.

Belle Amie : Venus

Two words; “strangled” and “cats”. Terrible. I think the coffins are a bad omen for them.