Sunday 5 December 2010

Alexandra Burke- The Silence X-Factor performance 2010 review

Alexandra Burke performing The
Silence on the X-factor 2010
Alexandra Burke walked out again onto that hallowed X-factor stage where just two years ago her life was transformed by winning the show. Now a successful solo star in her own right she proved she still had the X-factor by  giving a rousing performance of her single The Silence.

Despite having a slight problem with the low notes, the rest was stunning with some unbelivable sustained, vibrato notes towards the end. Her voice certainly has matured, sounding stronger and richer than when she was a contestant on the show.

This performance was a reminder to the current X-Factor upstarts of where there standard needs to be and, lucky for Alexandra, after viewing yesterdays show they still have a long way to go before being anywhere near as good her.

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