Tuesday 14 December 2010

Cher- Vocal Profile/ Range [Contralto/ 3 Octaves]

Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range: 3 octaves 2 notes and a semitone. C#3- F6
Vocal Pluses: Solid contralto voice,even in the higher octaves,with a dark,smoky tone,a soulful colouring and a range that is brilliantly connected.

Cher has the vocal stamina to hold notes for extended periods of time, with or without the use of her a natural and easy vibrato. A vibrato that is predominately quick, but capable of being modified to make wider if desired.

Cher's belting technique is great, being well supported and mixed effectively. This makes it not only easier for her to reach higher fifth octave notes but it helps retain the fullness that is present in her lower range.

For someone widely known for her low voice, Cher's head voice is surprisingly robust, being bright and clear, with a weight to it.

Vocal Negatives: The heaviness of the voice makes it difficult to be flexible in its ornamentation melodies.

Low notes:



Lower Belting Range:



Higher Belting Range:


Highest Head Note:


  1. if think she goes even lower,im gonna search for it :)

  2. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she did to be honest, one of the few ultimate Diva's left she is! Other than old Tina...

  3. I thought she had a Bb2 in a spoken passage of a song? Can't remember the name of it but I remember it existing.
    Also there is an E5 in Save Up All Your Tears towards the end :)
    And her D5's In You Haven't Seen The Last of Me Might be worth playing on here. Belting out consecutive D5's when she's years out of her prime is very impressive.

  4. One of the best voices I have ever heard. And with such versatility and still performing live without much deterioration definitely shows how strong of a voice she has. Im so stoked for her new album. I hope its more like Living Proof and not like any of the current pop tracks that are blazing through the radios.

  5. What I find interesting about Cher is that Like Christina her seaking voice is lighter than her singing voice. Perhaps she also employs a depressed Larynx?

  6. Well, Christina actually uses a raised larynx, but given the sound, I would say that she does use a lowered larynx to achieve that really thick sound. It's less damaging than what Christina does, certainly.

  7. Cher needs further analysis in many songs she reached incredible notes.

  8. hey Mark, I'm not hugely aware of her back catalogue, so if you can direct me to those notes that would be great.

  9. From It'S A Mans World:
    One By One, I'm Blowing Away, It'S A Mans World, What About the Moonlight, The Gunman;
    From Not.Com.Mercial:
    With or Without You, Classified 1A, Born With the Hunger, (The Fall) Kurt's Blues.
    From Believe:
    Do'é L'Amore, The PoWer, Strong Enough, Love Is the Groove.
    From Cher (1987):
    Main Man, Bang Bang, I Found Someone, Perfection.
    From Heart Of Stone:
    Emotional Fire, Still in Love With You, After All.
    From Take Me Home:
    Say The Word, Happy Was The Day We Met, Love & Pain, My Song (To Far Gone).
    Songs of the 70s
    The Man That Got Away, The Greatest Song I Ever Heard, Living in a House Divided, Half-Breed, Dark Lady, Gypsies, Danny Boy, Pirate, LA Plane, War Paint And Soft Feathers, All I Ever Need Is You.
    Songs of the 60's:
    I Got You Babe, Mama (When my dollies have babies), For What It's Worth, (Just Enough To Keep Me) Hangin' On, Yours Until Tomorrow, Save The Children.
    Some Live performances:
    The Way Of Love (from Do You Believe Tour), Bang Bang (in The Farewell Tour), Take it To The Limit (Live at The Mirage), Many River To Cross (Live in 1975), Georgia On My Mind (live in the 70's tv show),
    In this You Tube Chanel has several of her performances in the 70s: www.youtube.com/user/LuvMyCher
    I'm not sure what notes she hits in each song, but her voice seems extremely powerful in many of these songs.

  10. In these songs in particular, Cher reaches very large notes:
    Danny Boy (in the end)- http://youtu.be/xU0zh63V9yY

    Classified 1A - http://youtu.be/c-4gZgOfDFM
    With Or Without You - http://youtu.be/_ipgEyPh2lE

    Many Rivers To Cross - http://youtu.be/RFk6l5jxsAg
    The Way Of Love (in the end) - http://youtu.be/pdYMT3ri2YA
    Mama - http://youtu.be/0uQoRAgoWyI
    I Got You Babe (1:12)- http://youtu.be/hLFOpQbtC5c

  11. Living proof was a flawless album!

  12. Cher also did a great job singing the USA National Anthem in a performance at the Super Bowl.

  13. One of the best voices I have ever heard. And with such versatility and still performing live without much deterioration definitely shows how strong of a voice she has. Im so stoked for her new album. I hope its more like Living Proof and not like any of the current pop tracks that are blazing through the radios.

  14. does anyone kno the name of the song for the C#3? i feel like i kno it but im not sure lol

  15. Yes I think Cher uses a lowered larynx and Xtine uses a depressed tongue for the "kermit the frog" sound. But cher's technique is great, she mixes evenly throughout her range. Xtina's voice doesn't sound connected, she pulls chest voice into the high notes, or she might use a very chesty mix.

  16. Well I'm a bit disapointed by Woman's world. I think it sounds very generic but with Cher's voice it's still good lol. I hope the album will be better. Do you like the song?

  17. I don't know what you mean "out of her prime" when her voice hasn't deteriorated over the years?

  18. Cher has never been given the credit she deserves for being a good vocalist. I've heard her say in interviews she vocalizes an hour a day. She never misses the schedule Maybe this has something to do wit her amazing vocal longevity?

  19. I love woman's world well mostly the bridge and hook

  20. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan1 October 2013 at 15:08

    Lord what happened to this page?

  21. Underrated. To belt a song like "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" to the high-heavens at her age - inspirational! Her voice has by far the best balance of power-durability probably of all the women on this whole entire site.

    I think a negative is that her tone in general is frankly quite weird. Personally I like it, so for me it's not a negative but for others it could be. But then, a positive from that is the tone can be manipulated to an extent, Listen to the original "I Got You Babe" and it sounds like a different person to most of her hits.

  22. Picture needs replaced, it no longer works. :[