Saturday 18 December 2010

Cheryl Cole, The Flood LIVE (Royal Variety Performance 2010)

Chery Cole gave her first live performance of her terrible single The Flood at the Royal Variety Show.

It's almost as if this was a different Cheryl Cole to the one we've watched on the X-Factor these last months. Gone was the tough, in-control aura and instead poor Cheryl looked nervous and meek, visibly shaking throughout the song. It's vulnerable side I've never seen in the confident Geordie before.

There's speculation about whether this was live or not, but I think the tuning issues and Cheryl being clearly nervous made it more likely to be live than not. The belted D5 note-that people are claiming was mimed- on the word "flood" (see 1.07) was also live; although that note is supported by a backing track that can be heard at 3.19.

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  1. im pretty sure the 'flood' was mimed