Tuesday 4 January 2011

Lady Gaga "Born this way" Cover art 2011

lady gaga born this way cover
Lady Gaga Born this way Cover
Lady Gaga has revealed, via Twitter, the cover for her next album entitled Born this way. It features Lady Gaga, from behind, wearing nothing but a denim jacket  which bares the album title and a unicorn rampant.

Having Madonna as one of her idols, its no surprise Lady Gaga would take a leaf from her book and reinvent herself with the new album. The question is which direction is Lady Gaga going to take on Born this Way.

If we were to infer a direction just from the cover it could be that Lady Gaga is moving from the processed, electro-pop,and highly polished visuals of her last album towards a rougher 80's rock-pop sound and visual that was favoured by the likes of Gun and Roses and Bon Jovi.

Hopefully Lady Gagas' previous hints at her rock influences- albeit in an Elton John vein- with songs such as Speechless and Again and Again, may soften any impending change enough to avert a potential genocide of "Little Monsters" around the world.

Here's hoping that this new style is amalgamated with the electronic sound we've come to expect from the singer and is not a total departure into unknown territory.

However, this is all pretty poor speculation and I could be totally wrong about the whole project, asLady Gagais still working with her previous producer Redone, and as such there is still a chance she may return with another electro-pop album! Only a little longer till we all find out! Exciting!

What Lady Gaga has said previously about the new album Born this way

I promise you, I'll never let you down. And not for nothing: The album's finished and it's fucking really good. So whatever this is, whatever you just did for all of us…I promise to give you the greatest album of this decade, just for you. The funny thing is that some people have reduced freedom to a brand. They think that it's trendy now to be free. They think it's trendy to be excited about your identity. When in truth, there is nothing trendy about Born This Way. This connection that we all share is something so much deeper than a wig or lipstick or an outfit, or a fucking meat dress. Born This Way is about what keeps us up at night and what makes us afraid.
—Lady Gaga, MTV

born this way single cover
"Born this way" Single cover.

You and I from Born this way

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