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Thursday 1 December 2011

Lady Gaga performs "Marry The Night" and "You And I" At The 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert

No one could ever call Lady Gaga lazy. Still whizzing around the world and working as hard as ever on the Born This Way promotional trail, the singer stopped off at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert to deliver not one, but two knock-out performances.

Monday 16 May 2011

Lady Gaga: "Hair" Review

Newly release Lady Gaga "Buzz track" Hair is a song that deals with the themes of acceptance, repression, freedom and creativity all via the metaphor of the songs namesake.

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Did Lady Gaga's "Born this way" rip-off South Korean Group Snsd's "Be Happy"?

gaga copy snsd
Did Gaga copy SNSD?

Another potentially uncredited, shall we say, "influence"- in addition to Madonna's Express yourself- on Lady Gaga's Born this way has surfaced online via Youtube. Admittedly the song Be happy, by South Korean girl-group SNSD, does bare a striking similarity to the electronic backing track of Gaga's mega hit; but it could just as easily be argued that SNSD's producer ripped off Madonna's Express yourself too,hence the similarities between all three tracks.

Perhaps worryingly for Gaga, having recently heard Born this way, the producer of Be happy has decided to contact the singers' management for "further information" about the track. It's not clear what "information" he's trying to gather but it may be in anticipation of future legal action against the singer.

If he was a smart man he would be downplaying the similarities between the songs, because if Madonna does decide to come-a-knocking on Gaga's door claiming she was plagiarised, then she'd only have to follow the breadcrumbs from Gaga door back to his own home in South Korea to serve his butt too.

Monday 28 February 2011

Lady Gaga "Born this way" video

Lady Gaga in Born this way

I've just watched the video for Gaga's Born this way and don't want to make the same mistake I made by reviewing Britney's Hold it against me without letting the video truly sink in. Instead I'll post the video here, for you guys to check out, while I watch the video a few more times and ruminate on my thoughts.

Look out for the Madonna reference at the end!

Monday 14 February 2011

Review: Lady Gaga "Born this way" at 2011 Grammy awards.

2011 Grammy awards: Lady Gaga and her giant Egg

Lady Gaga toned down the weirdness, at least by her standards, and gave her hotly anticipated first performance of new single Born this way at the 2011 Grammy awards. But could the live performance be strong enough to convert me to being a fan of the song?

In a nod to the song title the singer started her performance being born as Lady Gaga- oppose to her human self, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta- from a giant egg  that she claimed to have been in for days. She'd also arrived on the red carpet being carried in said egg, much to the bewilderment, and I guess annoyance, of the other celebrities who had never been upstaged by a giant egg before.

Conceptually the egg thing wasn't a huge leap for the singer, the words "born" and "egg" are pretty much synonymous if you're a bird, and so even though it wasn't particularly weird or outlandish on the Gaga scale of weirdness- remember the blood and the hanging from the chandelier at the VMA's- it was the "weirdest" and "Gaga-est" part of the performance. From that point the gimmicks were ditched and Gaga focused squarely on dancing, singing, and playing the piano to gain the adulation of the crowd.

Saturday 12 February 2011

Did Lady Gaga's "Born this way" Rip Off Madonna's "Express yourself"?

Madonna gaga express yourself

For those who can not hear the similarities between Lady Gaga's Born this way and Madonna's Express Yourself a kind Youtuber has created a video to aid the journey towards awareness of this fact.

Friday 11 February 2011

Review: Lady Gaga "Born this way" So bad it's terrible!

The hype for Lady Gaga's new single Born this way has been building steadily for months. A hype I readily admit being caught up in, and finally today, after it's release date was pushed a week forward, we got a chance to hear a song that, according to Elton John, would "obliterate 'I Will Survive'".

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Lady Gaga "Born this way" Cover art 2011

lady gaga born this way cover
Lady Gaga Born this way Cover
Lady Gaga has revealed, via Twitter, the cover for her next album entitled Born this way. It features Lady Gaga, from behind, wearing nothing but a denim jacket  which bares the album title and a unicorn rampant.

Having Madonna as one of her idols, its no surprise Lady Gaga would take a leaf from her book and reinvent herself with the new album. The question is which direction is Lady Gaga going to take on Born this Way.