Monday, 18 April 2011

[Vocal Profile ] Kylie Minogue

Vocal Type: Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 2 notes and a semitone (D3- F#6)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: An overall nasal quality is prevalent throughout much of Kylie Minogue's catalogue and as such, most see it to be a trademark of the Australian Diva's voice. It's not present in her lower notes, due to her placement, and here the voice is rounded with a warm sound and a seductive ease [All The Lovers]. But this changes quickly as Kylie climbs the octaves.

The nasal twang, as mentioned above, is what most have come to associate with the singer [Can't Get You Out Of My Head , Fever]. However, she can mitigate, or choose to forgo it entirely in her midrange; demonstrating its use being a stylistic choice rather than due to any limitations of the voice. To eliminate it, Kylie often lightens the voice, giving it a breathier and sweeter timbre [as heard in the verses of Come Into My World and All The Lovers]. As well being able to remove it, Kylie can include it to varying degrees: modifying it to being faintly present [Aphrodite], or making it so strong that the voice gains a metallic, almost computerised effect to it[Speakerphone]. This versatility and control allows for Kylie to create interesting and compelling harmonies, with the contrasting textures layering well upon one another.

Kylie's technique means she can belt into the fifth octave without any issue, all whilst retaining the character of her voice. She has  produced some surprisingly resonant notes in this part of the range [Here] that show that the voice has a power that isn't often (if ever) illustrated by her choice of singles. Kylie can also vary the quality of the notes here depending on how she mixes her chest and head-voice [Here], which once again illustrates just how technically capable a singer she is.

The head-voice is strong and robust and can be operatic and dramatic [Sound Of Music Intro, Your Disco Needs You ] or soft and breezy [Confide In Me]. Her voice seems to have no problem switching to this register, or singing notes here, which further points to her placing in the soprano fach.

Vocal Negatives: The nasal tone is where most find fault in Kylie's voice and though it is clear from a wider listen to her catalouge that this is more an artistic choice than anything else, it still remains that most of her biggest hits are recorded using this tone.


  1. Isnt she awesome? Love her voice!

  2. Hi. The second sound clip in my opinion is not actually Kylie. It sounds like a clip from Promise This by Cheryl Cole.
    Regarding highest notes I saw Kylie live during her X tour in 2008 where she sang extremely high notes live at the end of Your Disco Needs was AMAZING. It's the part where she asks the audience "are you ready for the opera?!". FANTASTIC xxx

  3. @ANON you are right about that clip!! Sorry, that was my mistake. The clip was actually supposed to be from "your disco needs you"! will get on changing that now. Thanks again

  4. Her lowest note is D#3 in Made Of Glass.

    She hits C6 in Butterfly, Too Far (live in Melbourne) and some Your Disco Needs You performances when she raises the key.

  5. @nadav, thank you very much for those suggestions! They've been added and her range has been amended!

  6. Her highest chest note is E5 in Dangerous Game, btw :)

  7. @anon thanks for the tip! Uploaded and amended

  8. Sounds like an easy E5. You think she could have gotten higher?

  9. kylie doesn't have only 2 octaves, in fever tour at the crying game medley u can see clearly she have more than this, maybe 4 octaves.

  10. hey Alison. Just took a listen to this version from the tour- not sure if its the same one you're talking about- but her range spans from an F#3 to an f5# in that performance. That's two octaves exactly. Can you direct me to the version you are talking about, if it's not that one. Many thanks!

  11. I always thought Kylie was never noted enough for her vocal prowess. I mean its not like she's a Barbara or a Christina but she could sing, and i always thought she was better vocally than Madonna but hey, its not hard to have better vocal talent than her ...

  12. There is no way on earth kylie has a 4 octave voice. I've been a huge fan of kylie's since i was young and her vocal range isnt anywhere near as impressive as christina aguilera's, beyonces or kelly clarksons!!

  13.  Kylie actually has a surprisingly wide vocal range. On her last album she hit a Bb2 and she has belted up to B5 and has also sung up to C7 in whistle register. Making her range Bb2-C7 which equals out to 4 octaves 2 notes and a semitone.

  14. Here's a clip with a better sound quality of her hitting the high notes in Your Disco Needs You, right towards the end

  15. Her vocal range is 6 octave , she could sing opera.

  16. What song does she sing a C7 in?

  17.  If I remember correctly it was in her cover of "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend"

  18. I think this performance shows that Kylie is actually a very capable singer and a very good overall entertainer

  19. this has some higher and lower notes

  20. She's NEVER sung a C7.

  21. She sings a C6 in this clip:

    At 4:20 ish.

  22. hey, found this video about Kylie with 3.5 vocalrange, could you please watch and verify it?:D


  24. Looka at her high notes when she sings live in london her song THE DISCO NEEDS YOUR. She gets really high there :)

  25. Yay. Thanks for this. Whole Profile getting a spruce up.

  26. Hey! You kept this wee (and bloody brilliant) update quiet!! I have always had a light for Kylie, she really is a great pop star! I hope the new material is as good as I am hyping it up to be in my head. Hopefully the new label and creative input has done her wonders and not left her swimming lost, which I seriously doubt considering her experience in the industry! Really brilliant work here, loving it! :)

  27. Lmao, no and no.

  28. Her lower register is so weak and breathy I wouldn't really count some of the notes in the lower 3rd octave properly and all her notes in the videos on this thread that are above C#6 are all nothing but little squeals or screams/exclamations, they don't count as sung notes.

  29. Her actual singing range is probably only 2-2.5 octaves - anything above C#6 are all squeals and those below G3 are weak.

  30. Her, Madonna, and Cher are all in the ballpark of legendary singers. They all do not get enough credit for their voices, but they are by far 3 of the biggest names in Pop music, and have true vocal talents.

  31. I would fall into the category of people who thought her voice was manufactured if I hadn't listened to a wider range of her catalogue. She is pretty impressive, actually, and after awhile, you get used to the nasal tone she often uses. I also thought her voice was kind of hollow in places, which it is, but after hearing "Your Disco Needs You", that convinced me of her ability. I do wish she'd sing in that fuller tone more often though, but my favorite Kylie song is "Confide in Me", so she has a voice of several characters, all of which are unique to her.

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