Monday 11 April 2011

Review : Rihanna S &M remix featuring Britney Spears

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It was only yesterday that news of Rihanna's remix of latest single S and M would feature Britney Spears. Though the interweb seemed to be a buzz with excitement about the impending release, I was a little more reserved in my reaction to the news. In truth, I was more worried, and had a feeling the resulting release wouldn't be anything of merit- especially when considered how strong of a single the original was/is.

Well today the song leaked and as feared it sounds a mess. Not only do Britney's vocals add nothing of value to the song but worse, her vocals sound bunged up and incredibly even MORE nasal than normal.

The only reason I can think of this travesty being released- because it surely isn't for the sake of the song- is that both singers hope to gain something commercially from this hasty collaboration.

In Rihanna 's case a new version of the song should give her those extra sales needed to push her single from number 2 to the top of the Billboard charts.

For Britney associating with Rihanna- who is one of the biggest female singers at the moment- could do three things for her. Firstly it could gain her some new fans from Rihanna's fan-base. Secondly it could give Britney an edge and with it some needed- albeit shallow- credibility with the more image concious listener. Finally, and most importantly, it should help her appear relevant to today's youth who don't remember her glory days.

This collaboration could have been a brilliant idea if it had been an entirely new song, or failing that, for the song to have had a total musical remix with new vocals by Rihanna. As it is, this cut and paste attempt at a remix should NEVER have been released.

Listen below:

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