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Monday 11 April 2011

Review : Rihanna S &M remix featuring Britney Spears

 rihanna britney

It was only yesterday that news of Rihanna's remix of latest single S and M would feature Britney Spears. Though the interweb seemed to be a buzz with excitement about the impending release, I was a little more reserved in my reaction to the news. In truth, I was more worried, and had a feeling the resulting release wouldn't be anything of merit- especially when considered how strong of a single the original was/is.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Review : Rihanna's S &M Video

Rihanna isn't helping with the claims of her being associated with Illumanti
when at 3.20 "Rihanna Princesss of the Illumanti" is flashed on screen.


Rihanna's video for S and M, her third release from Loud, bypasses what could have been a risqué and provocative look at the underworld scene of S and M by approaching the subject matter in a playful, light-hearted and toothless manner.

The video does manage to include some imagery that is synonymous with the S and M scene- such as whips, bondage and PVC- but they are rendered ineffectual when contrasted with the "suggestive" way Rihanna "eats" a selection of fruit towards the end of the video.

Saturday 6 November 2010

Listen to new Rihanna songs from the album "Loud" : "S & M", "Cheers (Drink To That)" and "Love the way you lie"

Rihanna new song S and M

Another Rihanna song from her new album Loud has been released. It's called S and M - I'll leave the meaning of this song for you to deduce. Despite the catchy hook, I'm not feeling it as much as the last two songs from the album. Perhaps its a grower.