Friday 20 May 2011

Chrisette Michele- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Contralto
Vocal Range:  2 octaves 4 notes and a semi-tone (Approx). D3-Bb5
Vocal Pluses: Beautifully dark, textured, expressive voice.
Vocal Negatives: Limited range. 

Audio Clips
Lowest note (D3)

Highest Head note (Bb5)

Highest Chest note (F5):

Please Comment below with suggestions to help me fill out the vocal profile better, as I am not overly familiar with Chrisettes' music or voice.


  1. Hi there is a new video, well not new, but an updated video of Chrisette Michelle's range. It says that her lowest is Bb2, Highest chest/belt is G#5, and highest head note is C#6. Here is the video:

  2. I noticed a few things about the sound clips that may need some correction. I believe the lowest note cited in the clip above is E3, not D3. My piano says E3. I checked the highest chest note listed and I have it at G5, not F5.

  3. That all sounds legit and would update her range listed here considerably to Bb2 - C#6.

  4. I think what we hear her sing is not her whole range. She's so in control of her voice, she probably stays away from the notes she can't fully utilize.

  5. She is a thick whispy mezzo with some nice agility.

  6. Agreed with the assessment. Some of these pages need a new look for updates.