Thursday 19 May 2011

Video review: Beyoncé does Post-apocolyptic Stripper in new video for "Who runs the world (girls)"

With Who runs the world (Girls)- which I actually quite like- tumbling on world charts, Beyonce has finally got her act together and released its accompanying video. But with the song suffering from a lukewarm reception, at best, it's going to make one hell of a video to reverse the song's fortunes. The teaser for the video certainly gave me hope that it would do just that. It hinted at impending greatness; featuring an iconic visual of a strong, commanding Beyonce atop a white horse rampant, as if getting ready to mobilise and lead the females of the world to empowerment.

However, what we actually get with the full video is nothing more than a glorified dance video with lots of editorial posturing. Instead of Beyonce playing the part of the strong revolutionary leader of womankind in the video, she acts like a post-apocalyptic madam making that future money by putting on a sexy show with her "girls" for a group of rowdy men on a post-apocalyptic stag do.

As for the choreography it fails miserably to channel the frantic energy of the song. Parts of the routine are executed uncharacteristically sloppily, making the choreography look a little silly, and dare I say, even comical in their appearance. Similarly, sections- see video still on the left- felt wrong in the context of a video that was aiming for edgy and fierce.

The Video for Beyonce's Who run the world (Girl) is indeed impressive in its scale and scope- kudos go to the director Francis Lawrence- and the singer looks AMAZING. But the video really needed a strong narrative and a strong message to tie in with the empowering lyrics for it to have really elevated the song to Single ladies status. The subservient salute to the men at the end is particularity jarring. Destiny's Child came fiercer than this 7 years ago with Lose my breath!

If you guys want a review that is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of mine check out the guys at the theSkopionShow here- love them !

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  1. I love you post so true it sucked i thought she would've came harder

  2. Completely love the video. I personally think the dancing is amazing. It's doing that crazy thing now of making me like the song a lot more too.

  3. she was trying to capture the bad romance magic with this video and it she didn't pull it off

    it wasn't bad but her using francis lawrence as the director and so many of the visuals and outfits were similar to bad romance - i am glad run the world was the only upbeat song on 4 - the ballads are where bey should stay her upbeat songs are either tacky or annoying