Thursday 9 June 2011

Patti LaBelle demonstrates why she is the Don Diva as she duets with Lady Gaga on "Over the Rainbow"

Patti LaBelle and Lady Gaga singing "Over the Rainbow" together

Below is a snippet of Ms Patti LaBelle and Lady Gaga performing the Wizard of Oz classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow after the CFDA Awards. It still amazes me how a diva as distinguished as Patti has managed to remain so warm, welcoming and personable at this stage in her career. There are plenty of other divas- included a few much younger than Patti- who would treat another singer on stage, especially one that is younger and currently more successful than them, as competition, singing all over the place to assert their dominance. But not Ms Patti. She always seems to embrace and respect whoever she's on stage with regardless of age, success or talent. Diva's take note; if you've got the goods, don't feel threatened when another female joins you on stage!

As for the performance the voices melded together well, with Patti taking the soprano highs and Gaga taking the alto lows, so both were audible and distinguishable when singing together. Patti nails her vocals- as usual- and Gaga's midrange belt at 34 seconds was impressive, but her taking the microphone from Patti was a no no! Arrogance or drink related shenanigans? This time, I'll say the latter and let Gaga off. She was celebrating being named Fashion Icon of the year after all!

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  1. Saw Patti once live in NY. Not only was she amazing live, but also did lots of audience participation, for instance getting guys up onstage to help sing lines in Lady Marmalade. Naturally very warm and had a great rapport with the crowd.