Wednesday 22 June 2011

Video Review: Britney Spears does Awake in new video for "I Wanna Go"

I Wanna Go is a tongue-in-cheek video where Britney Spears swears at journalist, gropes a fan, flashes random people -including a minor- and then begins a fight with cyborg paparazzi, only to be saved by an atypical “hunk” who apparently likes milk. But it seems too surreal to be true and at the end its revealed that its all been a daydream/fantasy that a bored Britney was having at the press conference that opened the video......or was it? Watch the end of the video to fully understand!

Whatever the case the video for I Wanna Roll is a light and bright video that has a strong narrative, is funny and is shot brilliantly with a Britney that's looking fresh faced, happy and-and most importantly- mentally alert. Although the actual song wouldn’t have been my next choice for a release from the brilliant Femme Fatale album (review here) -How I roll and Trip to my Heart are a lot stronger- the video is a nice, quirky and solid addition to Britney Spears’growing videography.

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