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Wednesday 22 August 2012

[New Video] Mariah Carey "Triumphant (Get 'Em)"

How does Mariah Carey do "Triumphant" in the new video for the soon to be labelled "buzz-track" of the same name? Well, the same way she does everything else: posing, pouting and trying as hard as she can to be sexy.

Just like the song itself [review here], Mariah Carey isn't even the main attraction of the video- that privilege goes to the boxers and the boxing match itself. Instead, she's relegated to the babe holding the numbered cards between bouts. Not that she seems to have a problem with it; clearly enjoying parading herself and her new slimline figure for the crowd. Or maybe I've interpreted it all wrong and this is really a visual representation of Mariah Carey's own triumph with her weight? (Why does that sound so bitchy when I read it back?)

Wednesday 15 August 2012

[Video Review] Brandy: "Put It Down"

brandy chris brown hug

Is anybody checking for Brandy anymore? The reason I ask is because her posts seem to get the lowest views for this site; which is odd considering some (her fans) call her the "Vocal Bible". Anyway, for those still interested, the singer has released the video (finally) for single Put It Down [Review here].

I was wondering why it was taking so long for this video to drop; the single debuted at the start of May, and the video was filmed at the start of following month. However, having just watched this awkward affair, I bet the delay was due to a desperate editor/ director fervently trying  to stitch together a half decent showing from a bunch of bad takes.

Friday 6 April 2012

Video Review: Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again"

I feel bad to be mentioning such things on as religious a day as Good Friday- hopefully those who would potentially be offended will be in Church praying for my soul- but I have to ask this question: has Jennifer Lopez's booty shrunk? I remember it being huge back in the day, like disproportionally big for her body. Perhaps it hasn't changed at all and Nicki Minaj has warped by perception of what it is to have an ample derrière in the 21st century....

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Video Review: Madonna "Girl Gone Wild". The Queen is back!

 animated gif girl gone wild madonna crying

Is it possible for me to dislike a video featuring high-heel wearing and ultra fierce male dance troupe/singers Kazaky? I think not! So it's no small wonder I really like the accompanying video for Madonna's new single, Girl Gone Wild. [single review]

Friday 3 February 2012

Review: Madonna Feat Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. "Give Me All Your Luvin'". Yes, It's as Bad As The Leaked Demo Suggested It Was Going To Be

Madonna Nicki Minaj MIA  Give Me All Your Luvin

I'm conflicted about the new Madonna release. I really don't want to be ageist, or push on to her expectations of what someone in their fifties should be doing, or how they should be dressing, but its hard when you watch the new video for, or indeed just hear, the new single, Give Me All Your Luvin. In fact, scratch that. On second viewing its not that I take issue with the skimpy clothing or the suggesting dancing, because I actually don't. Its more the immaturity of the whole thing that gets to me. From the obnoxious cheerleader chants of the music itself, to the faux breastfeeding and discarding of a doll, it just all feels extremely tacky.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Video Review: Britney Spears does Awake in new video for "I Wanna Go"

I Wanna Go is a tongue-in-cheek video where Britney Spears swears at journalist, gropes a fan, flashes random people -including a minor- and then begins a fight with cyborg paparazzi, only to be saved by an atypical “hunk” who apparently likes milk. But it seems too surreal to be true and at the end its revealed that its all been a daydream/fantasy that a bored Britney was having at the press conference that opened the video......or was it? Watch the end of the video to fully understand!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Video Review: Lady Gaga "Edge Of Glory"

edge of glory video

Simple isn't a word usually associated with Lady Gaga but the video for new single Edge of Glory is just that, and frankly the timing for Gaga to embrace the word couldn't have been better. Nothing about the Born this way project has been simple so far and was starting to feel like it was relying too heavily on gimmicks, controversy and big money to guarantee high sales instead of trusting in the music to do so. But the video for Edge of Glory bucks this trend.

The video contains no controversial religious imagery (gasp!), only one extra (double gasp!)- in the form of saxophonist Clarence Clemons - is all shot on one location/set (hyperventilating) and only features two outfits (FAINT!).

There are problems with the video though. The original director, Joseph Khan, left the project part way thorough, after supposedly having differences in opinion about the direction of the video, and as such the video is missing a strong, if any, narrative or structure to the video. However that's a minor quibble as the video could be seen as a performance piece. The main issue, and the one that makes me feel most uncomfortable watching the video, is Gaga's proactive postulating and scantily clad gyrations when the song is supposedly written about, or at least inspired by the passing of her Grandfather.

Sunday 8 May 2011

Video review: Lady Gaga's boring video for "Judas"

Lady Gaga in Christian Lacroix

Despite the use of heavy religious iconography, a rumoured 10 million dollar budget, and copious amounts of extras, the video for Lady Gaga's video Judas manages to totally underwhelm on all fronts. The dancing is dated, the fashion is pretty terrible-Crucifix titty tassels anyone?- and Gaga's panto level acting is pretty dire, as is the stiffness and dead eyes she displays throughout. Cultural baptism" this is not. So so Pop it is.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Review : Rihanna's S &M Video

Rihanna isn't helping with the claims of her being associated with Illumanti
when at 3.20 "Rihanna Princesss of the Illumanti" is flashed on screen.


Rihanna's video for S and M, her third release from Loud, bypasses what could have been a risqué and provocative look at the underworld scene of S and M by approaching the subject matter in a playful, light-hearted and toothless manner.

The video does manage to include some imagery that is synonymous with the S and M scene- such as whips, bondage and PVC- but they are rendered ineffectual when contrasted with the "suggestive" way Rihanna "eats" a selection of fruit towards the end of the video.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Watch Mariah Carey's video for "Old Lang Syne": Laughs a plenty!

mariah carey auld lang syne video
Mariah Carey in the video for Auld lang syne: seen the image, basically seen the video

Boy oh boy has the recession hit Mariah Carey hard if her current video is anything to go by. The video for Auld Lang Syne, from the Merry christmas ii you album, has got to be the cheapest video I have EVER seen from any singer, let alone an A-lister.

The video just has Mariah dancing- am i allowed to call it that?- in front of a green screen that has fireworks projected on to it while she mimes BADLY to the song. I think Mariah might have actually filmed this herself, maybe in her shed under the influence of all those pregnancy hormones, and released it online before anyone could stop her because the production values are next to nil. I especially love 2.45 when she twirls majestically onto the screen. Delightful.

Perhaps Mariah has just decided to inforce some austerity measures on her spending habits, she has got a baby on the way after all. Besides why should she still  spend huge amounts of money on her videos when it's not converting into sales for her.