Saturday 18 June 2011

Video Review: Lady Gaga "Edge Of Glory"

edge of glory video

Simple isn't a word usually associated with Lady Gaga but the video for new single Edge of Glory is just that, and frankly the timing for Gaga to embrace the word couldn't have been better. Nothing about the Born this way project has been simple so far and was starting to feel like it was relying too heavily on gimmicks, controversy and big money to guarantee high sales instead of trusting in the music to do so. But the video for Edge of Glory bucks this trend.

The video contains no controversial religious imagery (gasp!), only one extra (double gasp!)- in the form of saxophonist Clarence Clemons - is all shot on one location/set (hyperventilating) and only features two outfits (FAINT!).

There are problems with the video though. The original director, Joseph Khan, left the project part way thorough, after supposedly having differences in opinion about the direction of the video, and as such the video is missing a strong, if any, narrative or structure to the video. However that's a minor quibble as the video could be seen as a performance piece. The main issue, and the one that makes me feel most uncomfortable watching the video, is Gaga's proactive postulating and scantily clad gyrations when the song is supposedly written about, or at least inspired by the passing of her Grandfather.

The bottom line is Gaga, simplicity can be good, but it needs to be supported by something; whether that be a strong narrative, brilliant choreography or star charisma- all of which are lacking in this video. However, the video for Edge of Glory does give us all a little space to breath after the juggernauts that were Born this way and Judas, and for that I'm thankful!

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  1. I have to admit I thought the video was a little disrespectful to the subject matter of the song