Saturday 16 July 2011

Lily Allen- Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal Type: Soubrette
Vocal Range: 1 octave notes and a semitone  G3-Eb5
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: A light, warm and sweet voice that has a pleasant, effortless tone to it in part due to her voice never being pushed or strained. Her head voice has a pleasing quality about it, and is accessed reasonably lower than most female singers, starting at the top of the fourth octave.
Vocal Negatives: Her real skill comes from her lyricism, attitude and not her voice. Her range is limited and doesn't have any strength in its chest register or its lower extremities. Overall, her technical proficiency as a vocalist doesn't seem to be too high, if her skills are to be judged on the musical output so far.

Audio Clips:
Low notes: G3


High notes: D5


Thanks to Mr Bárány again for his help. Much appreciated.


  1. Thank you so much for Lily Allen´s vocal range! You are truly the greatest!

  2. Taken this into account?

    Lady is a tramp 

  3. Howcome she's classified as a soubrette and not a mezzo?

  4. I seriously don't see her as a Soubrette I her more as a lyric soprano not a very strong one though.

  5. Lmao at the fact that she has a vocal profile when her voice is one of the shittiest I've ever heard.

  6. Erm, She's sung up to E5 and down to F#3 in 'Fuck You' right on the chorus. So, that vocal range isn't quite accurate.

  7. Soubrettes to check out: Lisa Lobsinger of Reverie Sound Revue and Amy Millan of Stars.

    I could never understand Lily's popularity. I think even Carly Rae's sings better than her. CARLY is wonderfully coquettish on and off the stage with her voice

  8. she is better than what you wrote here. :)

  9. She hits what sounds like an E3 in her cover of Womanizer,

  10. Not much of a singer. But she succeeds due to sheer personality in her lyrics. You thought Taylor swift was a crazy ex? She sits in the height chair when it comes to Lily.



  12. Woooahhh she sounds like Marina and the Diamonds! I really like it :3

  13. Mateus Souza Zabeu30 November 2013 at 17:45

    No, she doesn't sound like Marina

  14. Marina sounds better.

  15. Than you must have heard some great singers. Lily may not have THE BEST voice but, she has a take it or leave it quality. Her music and sound is personal, real and more for herself it seems than anyone else. Also Lily's tones are quite beautiful. She may not use her range like others? But she has actual emotion in certain songs, emotion that... well lets use an example --- Mariah Carey / Lady Gaga / Xtina Aguilera often don't use in the least. :/

  16. Well emotion is subjective. I find Mariah Carey and Christina to use far more emotion in a lot of their songs… Lily? I don't feel much emotion from her songs if any at all. I agree her sound and music is personal to her but nowadays it doesn't seem that unique - there's so many other singers out there who do the whole "half-talk/half-singing" thing where they don't actually SING, they're essentially just talking in a lyrical way: for example Kate Nash, Lucy Spraggan, etc.

  17. Emotion is a matter of opinion, true. However Mariah Carey for example uses the same toning so frequently. The tone is always that soft, sexy - light. She uses notes for emotion rather than actual depth thus making her a singer not an artist. Christina on the other hand generically overuses a fake soulful sound of which she never had in her past ( Genie In a Bottle Days ) - which I find insulting to the greats such as Aretha. It is overused SO often along with her vocal acrobatics nothing in her voice has become special anymore. She OVER sings and that is something she and Mariah have in common.

    Now you could argue that Lily under-sings, but she does sing. While there are many people who do the half singing half talking thing, there are just as many if not more who try and also attempt what the other girls do as well. No one is 100% original anymore or even close to it. Now it's just a matter of if they can work what they have and that is what it is about at the end of the day. Lily is a great singer for what voice she does have. { Example: Somewhere Only We Know }

    She may not be the best singer but she is one, but more importantly unlike many other women like Mariah and Christina who I know I mentioned as well as Gaga - Lily is the only one who writes her own music and does it on subjects others rarely touch or in ways they rarely touch. Lily never tried to be anyone else like Lorde has, knocking off Lana Del Rey's writing style and such.

  18. Lady Gaga writes her own musik. She also wrote for Akon and many others.Her range makes me think that everybody can sing. Normal people who never sung have 2 octaves vocal range. No matter who you are you do not have right to criticize Mariah"s voice that spans 5 octaves 2 notes and a semitone or Christina"s that spanes 4 octaves and a note and if you get your facts together about Lady Gaga you will know that she can sing mezzo and contralto naturaly. These girls sing while they talk and Grammy"s confirm that.I do not mean to ofend Lily Allen but for me the singers are people who have above average voice.

  19. I don't understand how because Mariah sings with "Emotion" that makes her less of an Artist and because Christina sings a "Soulful" tone its a disgrace to Aretha. The latter only confusing since they're so dramatically different from each other.

  20. Again, I disagree and find Mariah to be one of the best all-round female artists of all time and certainly not a mere "singer". Both her and Christina do and can manipulate and change their tones so often but how can you distinguish emotion from actual depth? Again, it's subjective and down to how the individual listener feels. How much of their material have you really listened to or know? My All, Without You, Make It Happen, Someday, Fly Like A Bird - just a small handful of many songs where Mariah's voice isn't "light" (or at least not the whole way through), there's more depth, richness and power to most of them and her lower register is used more often which is huskier and darker in tone than the rest of her voice. Mariah is one of few vocalists out there who mixes different textures of her voice in just one song and one of the first popular artists to do so alongside Whitney. Yes, Christina does use her fake tone a lot but Beautiful, Blank Page, You Lost Me, I'm Ok, The Voice Within, Say Something and in most of her ballads it's almost completely absent and she's still able to use her natural voice even though she's been "faking it" since she was a little girl (if you check out videos of her from MMC she uses the "big" sound more than her real voice).

    And in regards to songwriting I'd have to ask again how well you know their material because Mariah writes practically all her own stuff except for covers she's done, Christina has co-written a large number of her music since Stripped and Lady Gaga - who I'm not a fan of but cannot deny her talent - also writes all her own music. However, in terms of what subjects they touch on, I don't know Lily's stuff well enough to compare but they've all done a wide scope of different themes.

  21. she has a very pleasant tone. Her lyrics are what makes her music special though

  22. thedigblackbick10 May 2014 at 21:34

    She almost has a 3 octave range. This needs to be updated.

  23. Excuse me! Mariah writes many of her songs (This sounds like an understatement). Get you facts, straight.

  24. You are ridiculous sir.

  25. there's more to a singer than their voice

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