Sunday 17 July 2011

Winter Warmer: Feist's "Brandy Alexander"

It might be summer, but its raining and cold- surprise surprise, British Summer how I love thee- as an autumn/winter day outside. A song that is a perfect accompaniment to a cold day snuggled up by the fire, or under the duvet, or just simply freezing your butt off, is by the criminally underrated Feist, and its called Brandy Alexander.

Like having a shot of the alcoholic beverage the song speaks of, listening to Brandy Alexander will warm you up from the inside out, as Feist’s layered harmonies- particularly at the end- radiate a relaxing warmth straight from your speakers and into your chilled bones as if by musical magic!

Do you guys know any other songs that have the similar effect. Let me know in the comments.

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