Wednesday 31 August 2011

Review: Nicki Minaj feat Rihanna "Fly"

New single, Fly, finds rapper Nicki Minaj showcasing a softer, more personal side, chronicling her own life's struggles and triumphs. The track also features Barbadian singer Rihanna, who offers up her vocals on a chorus that lyrically seeks to give the song a more inclusive feel than the verses by remaining general and broad with its imagery and empowering message. Its a combination that works well;  allowing the song to be both personal to Minaj while also being universally accessible to anyone listening.

Nicki Minaj maintains the quick fire delivery she's famed for, but thankfully cuts out some of the other tics- like the funny noises and the noticeable pitch shifts- associated with her style. To go with the maturer delivery the song also showcases her versatility as a lyricist, with the words being more substantial, meaningful and grown-up than any of her previous singles.

Featured artist Rihanna shows marked improvement in the vocal department with a delivery that is noticeably less nasal and more rounded than her usual tone. There is also a soaring application of her robust head voice on the word "Fly"  that offers a nice symmetry to the lyric she is singing.

Fly is audibly breezy and light, has a catchy chorus and though the lyrics may be inspirational to some, it's more than likely going to pass by those who are used to a clown like Nicki Minaj playing up over a harsher beat. However, I'm impressed to hear that a song that features two stars that love to be provocative and raunchy chose to forego those incredibly saleable qualities for an inspirational and meaningful route with Fly.

Rating: 3/5


  1. Like the video - simple and sweet.

  2. Agreed, really impressed with Ri-ri's vocal evolution of late. Has she been taking proper vocal lessons perhaps? Also agree about the vid shop. Perfect for the context of the song I think. Stuey

  3. Thanks to both of you for your continued support! :D