Monday 31 October 2011

Leona Lewis turns cover star at the 2011Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Though not the most exciting pop star about, British X-Factor winner Leona Lewis has something that most pop Diva's don't have and would kill for: a great voice. Its with this gift that Leona took to the stage at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival to deliver a great selection of cover songs.

The songs chosen all shared the common factor of being originally sung by male singers. Featured were Grenade by Bruno Mars, Apologise by OneRepublic and my personal favourite out of the the songs that were chosen, Kiss From a Rose by Seal.

Something that continues to impress me about Leona Lewis and her voice is the stability and uniformity of her tone, bar some of the lower notes. Its a skill and control that shouts out "trained singer" and hopefully will lead to the preservation of her voice for years to come.

With the flop of lead single Collide [read my review here] a few months ago being responsible for the pushing back of the third album- presumably because of it being filled with similar rubbish- into the abyss of next year, it's really nice to still be able to hear and see new Leona Lewis performances while we wait for new material.

Kiss From A Rose:



Leona Lewis also sang a few of her own songs, but the videos I've seen featured some backing singing that I'm not sure too many people would appreciate... Listen below 

Bleeding Love:


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  1. You put the apologize's cover two times!!!!!! And is true Kiss From a Rose was the best!!!!